Thursday, February 5, 2015

Black Horses for the King - McCaffrey

Okay, I'm back with my (possibly final) Arthurian book feature. Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey.

Anne McCaffrey has an almost magical writing style, and back in the day that I NEVER read a physical book in order (these days it's about a 15% read in order), I actually managed to do that with this book. 

BHftK is not a retelling of King Arthur in the traditional sense of the word. In fact. Arthur himself is only a minor character at best. It focuses on a tiny event, barely mentioned in Arthurian Lore. The bringing of black horses to England. It's about the invention of the horseshoe and why it was so important. It's a beautiful story.

I highly recommend it if you love horses, if you love Arthurian legend, or if you love history.

These posts are in promotion of my newest book My Kingdom for a Quest, which will be coming out in less than a week! Today is your last day to sign up for the tour, as I'm taking down the sign-up form tomorrow.

And ... two other orders of business. 

1. My laptop's keyboard is acting up. a good number of keys that I use frequently - including both enter keys, the right-handed shift key, and both controls. Oh, and both the period and comma, and a few letters and numbers.

Fortunately, I have a back-up keyboard that I stole from my sister when she upgraded her computer last year ... so I'm surviving, but I'm about 10% slower typing on this keyboard, which is frustrating.

And, to make matters even more hair-pulling, as I've been writing up this post, ++++++ have been popping up about every five seconds. I'm not sure whether they're a delayed reaction from me pounding on that key (it's one of the ones that are out), or what ... but it's not been fun.

2. And a ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
(Case in point, I just walked away to do something, and returned to these)

Anyway, second order of business. I'm working on editing Water Princess, Fire Prince, and I'm hoping to have part 1 ready to hand out to beta readers by the end of the month. So, I need you guys to start volunteering. Part 1 is Clara's story, and just over 30,000 words.




    I've read Anne's Dragonriders of Pern (which I do not recommend- if you want to know why, I'll email you), and I like her writing style. So, horses, history, Arthurian Legend AND Anne McCaffrey??!! I'm not sure I can handle that much fantastic in one book!!! :D

    I'm sorry about your keyboard and those +s do not sound good.... I hope it gets fixed soon!

    1. Having read the first book of the Perns (as well as a few of her other 'adult' books) I think I know what you're talking about. Rest assured that BHftK is completely clean.

      And I'm hoping that my keyboard issue gets fixed soon. I've shut down my computer and have now appropriated the kid's computer.

  2. I've heard of Anne McCaffrey, but not this book. I've really wanted to try her work, especially as she does so many novels on dragons! =D That thing about the keyboard made me laugh. I remember when my old keyboard's Caps Lock key was dodgy. That was infuriating!

    Ooo that's an interesting title for a book. I always love fantasy tales about the elements. I would volunteer but I think this may be my first or second time on this blog ever! Also I can be quite critical O_O I'll wait to see if some of your regular readers volunteer first. Good luck with the editing. c:

    1. Her dragon books are interesting, but contain some more adult material.

      I'll keep you in mind for beta-reading. Right now it's just part 1, and I'm going to be more open with handing it out than, say, the latter portions of the book. I think I may set up a sign-up form later this month, and you're welcome to fill it out. I don't mind critical. I'm that way myself.

  3. Oh man, that's a horrible computer ailment! I hope you an get it fixed soon.
    I'll beta if you like... are you looking for people to look at the story and give you feedback (which is what a beta reader is) or someone to point out grammar stuff too (which is what I did before... technically, that's a line editor's job, but I've found that on blogger, people seem to use the two terms interchangeably)?

    1. Right now I'm borrowing my sister's computer because she's away and her internet is not as spotty as on the kid's computer, and the +issue is driving me nuts.

      I do know the difference between beta-reading and editing, but I prefer to ask for beta-ing and if a reader wants to do editing, I let them. I'm looking for any sort of feedback a person wants to give. Personally, I'm more of a line editor myself.

    2. I'm glad you found a way around the problem until you can get your own computer fixed!

      Ditto to that. I'm more of a line editor with a side of beta reader. :P I just can't help it! I see a grammatical mistake, and I have to fix it! (Unless it's my own writing, then I don't care. Which probably isn't a good thing)

  4. Ooh, I've been wanting to read Black Horses for the King... Cool review!
    Aww, that is NASTY about your keyboard! o.o *sends you well wishes* Hope that gets straightened out!
    I miiiight be up for beta-ing! :) It would depend-ish on how busy I am when the time comes. And I also don't know what you like in your beta-readers; from me it would probably be like a mini-proofreader because I am obsessed with finding typos and things and fixing them alllll up. ^_^

    1. I moderate comments on my blog, so no, comments don't appear immediately (I'll delete your second comment for you, if you'd rather not have it posted.).

      I'm considering posting a sign-up form for beta-ing after the tour finishes. You're welcome to come by and sign up for it. I'm very much a mini-proofreader when I beta as well ... kill all the typos!

    2. Okay thanks. XD I just didn't see if it'd posted. o.o

      Well let us know if ya do! :) Yessss, all the typo-slaying! >:D

  5. So sorry to hear about your keyboard! Technological issues are the worst! And after last year, I am far more well-acquainted with them than I ever hoped to be.

    Hmm, I love all things Arthurian... I may have to pick up this particular Anne McCaffrey book. I have a stack o' other books to get through first, and they just keep coming! Do You Take This Quest just showed up in the mail today! Huzzah! And there was much rejoicing!

    1. I thought you were the purchase I saw the other day ... CreateSpace has a habit of shipping books quickly, you have to hand it to them. Hope you enjoy it!


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