Monday, November 10, 2014

I predict ...

All right, first of all, I've passed 50,000 on Saturday, and I finished part 2 on Sunday. That means that my bar on the sidebar has changed color again! Now it's dark blue. I was going to go with silver, for The Mountain, but then I decided I didn't like it, so I went with dark blue instead. I like it.

At my current typing rate, I should finish NaNo by the twenty-first, but since I've hit the part of the book where have the clearer road map (i.e. the notebook version was better written) I should be speeding up. Today, I get to write the scene where Clara and Andrew meet, and I seriously can't wait.

Now, onto the topic of my post.

As ya'll know, I'm going to be publishing the third book of my Bookanias in February. At the moment, I think I'm going to hold the cover reveal on the 31st of December, though I haven't talked to my cover artist about that deadline. (And I still need to send her the back cover blurb.) If you're interested in showing off my cover on your blog that day, email me at, and I'll add you to my list.

But I was thinking that it was about time to hold something of a contest. A predictions contest.

I've posted a lot of hints round and about my blog and the rest of the internet about what's going to happen in this book. Now, I want to hear what you think is going to happen, or what you want to happen, that sort of stuff. You can make a list on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, you may post your predictions in the comments section.

For every prediction you get right (or close to right, I'm generous) I'll enter a point for you into a contest to win a free paperback version of Kingdom. If you predict something that will happen in the series, though not in this book, you get half a point. If you post an idea I think is really good, and I decide to use it, you also get half a point. (And also a mention in the acknowledgement of the specific book)

For an example so you guys have an idea of what I'm talking about, I'm going to post a list of predictions for a book I've been really looking forward to: King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight, book two of her Ilyon Chronicles. (Partially because the cover reveal is this Friday, and it's gorgeous.)

1. Kyrin and Jace will grow closer. I happen to know already that they are a potential couple (and their first kiss is in book 3!), but I expect to see some depth added to their relationship in this book. 
2. Kaden will ride a dragon. I mean, there are going to be dragons in this book and Kaden, so if Kaden doesn't get to ride one, I (and he, I'm sure) will be terribly disappointed.
3. Epic worldbuilding, especially into the society of the Cretes. In book one, most of the focus was on the humans, with some appearances from the Talcins, but we have Cretes in this book, and from what I can tell, they're most of the focus, so yeah. I'm eager to learn about their society.
4. Jace will struggle with the soul issue. I think that this will be something he faces throughout the series, especially since there wasn't enough closure for it in book one. I expect to see at least one relapse for them.
5. A dungeon escape. Not much of a prediction here, since Jaye let slip on facebook that every book except either four or five (don't remember which, exactly) has one. So I'm going to take a step further and say that Jace will be the one in prison. Reason? He's one of the few characters who didn't end up there in book one. I expect that this may be where we see his soul struggle.

You get the idea.

Also, I'll also like to remind ya'll that anyone who has read and reviewed both Sew and Take is eligible to beta read Kingdom. So if you have, feel free to contact me (email above) and let me know that you want to read it. I'll be sending it out in December, after I give it one last comb over. Feedback will be needed before January 20th.

Have fun!


  1. Ohh, such a good competition idea! And congrats on getting so far along in your book!! WOOT WOOT! I'm guessing, since you're at 50K, you started this book before November? I looove it when outlines get easier. ^_^ My beginning outlines are usually more detailed then the end. And my endings end up rushed. Oops. I'll fix it later though. hehe.
    Good luck!!

    1. Yeah, I already had 30,000 when NaNo started. And it's a rewrite, and I've gotten to the part of the story that was written 2-3 years ago, rather than the part that was 4-5 years old. It's better written, has more details, and I know where I'm going now.

      And the two MC's finally met yesterday. It was adorable. And frustrating, since neither is real impressed with the other, but they're stuck with each other because a prophecy. (I love prophecies, moving on ... although that would be a great subject for a blog post, since they're often cliched.)


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