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 Sigh, somehow, I thought that keeping up with this would have been easier. I should have known better. Here I am on day 2, and I'm five days behind. You guys don't mind if I take two (or five …) months to do this, do you? It may mean more and better prizes? And I need to get this moth's CE up … perhaps I can convince Clara to do it on her blog for me … (She's glaring at me, but I think she might, if only to draw some attention to her blog …)

Anyways, on to day 2 (7?) of the Author's Commentary. Remember, there are a number of prizes you can win by participating – and a number of ways to win them!

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Any Sword.
The chapter opens with Robin in the armory trying to find the perfect sword to take on this adventure. You'd think that, since she's the best swordsman in the world, she could use just any old sword she picked up – but while that is technically the case, everyone knows that there's always that one special sword that every swordman (or woman) prefers above all others. Like authors with their pens or pencils. I know I have distinct preferences. (Case in point, Percy with Riptide in the Percy Jackson series … though Riptide is also technically a pen …)

Her father has given her permission to take any sword her heart she wishes … and the choice should be easy – and it is but for the fact that the sword she wants she's not sure her father included in the “any sword.”

Her great-grandfather's sword. The sword that has been her favorite for as long as she can remember. The sword that she used to sneak downstairs and play with. The sword that's been out of reach since her father found out about these escapades.

I wish you guys could read this in light of the scene I'm currently writing in Kingdom. It makes this so much sweeter and meaningful.

Eventually, she decides that it doesn't matter if it's included in the “any sword.” It's the sword she wants, so it's the sword she's going to take.

Great-aunt Talia
Thoroughly determined, Robin marches out of the armory – and nearly runs into her Aunt Talia, who instantly recognizes the sword. But she gives her stamp of approval on Robin running around with it.

But then she completely changes the subject (Though, from having written Take, it's not actually that great of a jump), she wants Robin to find her own aunt – Aunt Madeleine. Great-grandfather's twin sister.

Robin's clearly skeptical – she's never heard of such a person before – but still, she humors her aunt and tells her that they'd ask their Fairy Godmother about her. She's mentally prepared to forget about it at some point however. It'll take more than just the wild story of an old woman who's not completely there, mentally. Little does she know that proof lies behind every tapestried wall … but she's not going to find out about that until later.

Before I leave Great-Aunt Talia, however, I'd like to point out that her name is one that's given to Sleeping Beauty. It's a rarer name (and it's particular version is one of the weirder ones) but, still … since I've been referencing Sleeping Beauty already, it's bound to have meaning. (It's also the name of the heroine in the game I've been playing … but that doesn't mean anything.)

Another trumpet call.
No sooner is she away from her aunt, than there's another trumpet. So she heads to her room to get ready, and obediently reports to the courtroom. While I don't state this in the text, I'm sure she's desperately hoping that it's not one of her annoying suitors, because that would be terribly inconvenient at this moment. Not that it's convenient at any other moment, but usually she doesn't have anything better to do and it's actually a good excuse to show off her sword skill. Today, she has something better to do.

And it's not a suitor. It's an invitation to the wedding of a neighboring prince. Prince Eric.

Hey! That name sounds familiar. Isn't that the guy that Robin associated with the sword, and didn't seem to like? The invitation mentions putting behind them their recent quarrels …

Princess Beauty
King Alexander seems to like putting people in suspense when it comes to his plans. This is the second time he's delayed his response.

Robin's reaction to this invitation indicates that this is probably the same Eric they mentioned in the garden in the previous chapter. And every bit of contempt she has for him instantly transfers to his intended bride as well.

Robert comes her defense – she probably didn't choose her own name, after all, but Robin refuses to be dissuaded from her opinion. Whatever did this Eric do to be so singled out for her hatred.

Another conversation with Father.
Again King Alexander summons the twins to his office. Yes, he fully intends to attend, but more importantly, he also fully expects the twins to attend. The wedding isn't for another two weeks after their birthday, so they should have plenty of time to get to Winthrop, regardless of whether or not they find their Fairy Godmother. (Readers of Take are allowed to laugh at this statement.

And then he brings up Robin's choice of sword – and gives his approval, much to her relief. She really does crave permission for most of her antics.

But as they leave their father's office, I'd like to point out the thought that runs through her head – she's eager to show this Princess Beauty who the true best swordsman in the world is. This is interesting because, if their quest is successful, she won't be the best swordsman anymore – Robert will be. Is she that convinced that their mission will fail? Or is the reason deeper? Is it that her heart really isn't in the idea of changing herself? She's all for the quest – but her heart isn't in the goal. She just wants the adventure.

Back in the garden
Left to her thoughts, she wanders back to the garden, where her brother soon finds her. She indulges in a bit of nostalgia – this is the first time she's gone on a quest, after all. Sure, she's gone to balls and tournaments in other kingdoms, but she's never left with the future so uncertain – or on her own.

And here we have Robert bring up the possibility of them not finding their Fairy Godmother. Perhaps he doesn't want it any more than she does?

When she brings up Aunt Talia's request of that morning, Robert doesn't know anything more about this twin sister of their great-grandfather than she does, which causes her to dismiss the story even more, I'm sure. She considers Robert an authority on things like that.

Robert and Lists.
This scene was actually inspired by myself and my mom. I am, quite frankly, notorious for losing any list my mother makes for me, much to my mother's annoyance, so I naturally transferred this habit to Robin. Robert doesn't seem to mind too much … though he does make sure that he includes the finding of Robin's list on his own!

Favorite Lines:

Auroren sung as she pulled it out of its scabbard, just as it always did, calling to something deep within her which caused her to quiver with anticipation. Many a night she had snuck down to the great room to fight imaginary battles, until the day one of the guards had seen her and had reported it to her father. Since that day, it had been locked in this room, away from her childish fingers but always in her dreams.
Father did say any sword,” she said, a little loudly. “This is the one I choose.” Then she belted it onto her waist with fierce determination.

Princess Beauty!” said Robin to Robert as they left the room. “How arrogant! But – what can you expect from a girl who’d agreed to marry Eric?
She might be nice,” replied Robert. “She probably had no control whatsoever over her name.”
I bet she’s a mollycoddled priss,” said Robin with a roll of her eyes. “Only a priss would agree to marry him.”
Look who’s talking,” said Robert. “You’re the one acting like a priss.” Robin rolled her eyes again.

Don’t you have the list I gave you?” asked Robert.
Robin’s face went blank. “List,” she said. “Uh, I had it this morning – or was it yesterday morning? I know I had it some morning. I’m sure it’s somewhere.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you have a certain pen or other such that when you use it, you do whatever it's meant for so much better?
  2. Are you like Robin or Robert when it comes to keeping track of lists?
  3. Any favorite lines?

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  1. Heehee, that's funny about the lists! I like how you added that in.
    Talia is such a beautiful name. I have a Talia in After the Twelfth Night - though instead of coming from Sleeping Beauty, the name came from an online friend.

    I usually don't have one particular pencil that I use... mostly because I usually type all my stories... But I'm writing my new story in a notebook and have been using the same pencil for it. I wonder what will happen when it gets to small? Find a new pencil, I suppose.
    I'm definitely more Robert-esque when it comes to lists. I LOVE lists.


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