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Just Another Sci-Fi Novel ... and Mermaids

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I have mentioned here and in the comments of other blogs that I am doing the first book of my Secret Project for NaNo this year, and that this book is Sci-Fi. I've also mentioned that I am really, REALLY excited about writing this book.

But it's my secret project ... and after hiding last year's project (My Kingdom for a Quest) under the rug and not letting anyone know anything about it (unless you happened to be my friend on NaNo, and then you could see my profile page), I'm not sure I'm willing to do a repeat.

So I've decided that I'll share a few things. Such as the working title. Just Another Sci-Fi Novel. 

This is not the official title, but I did consider it for a good while (Along with The Next Great Sci-Fi Novel, though my mom said THAT sounded a bit pretentious). It is in no danger of becoming the official title (which is what happened to The Ankulen) because I have a much better title already picked out. But I can't share the official with you yet ... so ya'll will get the old working title instead.

And I'll also share a book description. Not THE book description that will find itself on the back of the official book, but this book has several layers (kinda like an onion) so I'll show you ONE layer.

Captain John C. Douglas has been waiting for the command of own starship (and the heroic adventure said starship would entail) since childhood. But the U.S.S. Ingenuity is a diplomacy vessel ... and his first mission is to escort an alien princess half-way across the galaxy so she can marry an alien prince. But since this is a book, they know that all is not as it seems and they'll be faced with assassins, explosions, and threats to human civilization as we know it. Wait - they don't know this is a book ... well, scratch that. This will be the most boring diplomatic mission in the history of boring diplomatic missions.

Fun, right? I've been doing a lot of plotting and character developing the last few weeks, and I'm really ecited about the whole affair. Oh, and if you want to buddy me on NaNo, my profile's here. Don't know when I'll get around to buddying you back ... but I'm sure I will eventually if I know who you are.

Random fact about Kendra: During '11, she got addicted to Roleplaying in the NaNo forums, and as last resort to get her to stop, her dad had to block it on our WiFi. Therefore, I cannot pull up any link containing "nanowrimo" at home, and must therefore update my word count at the library, church, or my Grandma's house ... and I'm never sure when I'll get the chance to take my computer to said locations. (This also means that if you have nanowrimo in your blog post titles, I probably won't be able to comment. Sigh. 'Tis a sad, sad life I lead.)


Via Pinterest
Hello, Jen here! Kendra's letting me use her blog to talk about MY NaNo Novel. Actually, it'll be more of a novella, since I'm aiming for only 20,000. (Kendra's rules ... not sure of her reasoning, but she says I'll be lucky to get 10,000 ... so anyways ...)

Anyways, since everyone seemed to like my mermaids, I'm going to cash in on a plot I planted back when I was a kid. In case no one noticed, Mynna is the youngest of seven mermaid sisters - sound familiar?

Ever since I first thought her up, I've looked forward to giving her legs and letting her marry a valiant knight- once she grew up of course. She was only thirteen during the events of The Ankulen, but Kendra's taught me several time-jumping techniques, so that isn't really an issue. Thirteen is only three years away from sixteen.

I haven't settled on a title, unlike Kendra. (By the way, Kendra's Secret Project is REALLY cool. Yes, she's told me all about it. It's a benefit of being a real-life friend of hers - she's very open about what she's writing.) She thinks I should give it a punny title like The Mermaid's Tale but I think that's a bit cliche ... so I'm open to ideas!


  1. Sounds like a cool project! I like the name of the starship. And I'm digging the picture you have up there from Star Wars II. That planet is the coolest.
    P.S. I added you on NaNo... I'm GraceFeather42, just fyi.

    1. There's a reason for the name - but that's part of the Secret. Ah, well. Maybe later.

      That picture's from Star Wars? I just thought it was pretty and pinned it, then used it. I've only watched the original one (and even then, it was an abridged version.) I'm watching Andromeda right now. It has an element that will be important to the book so I'm seeing how they do it.

      And I'll add you back on NaNo just as soon as I get back on-line.

  2. Hey Kendra!!!

    Boy, I have missed reading your blog and commenting!

    YAY!!!!!! I love hearing about your new projects. This one sounds FABULOUS!!! I like sci-fi and this plot sounds good. I can't wait to see what twists you put into it.

    Oooh, I'm eager to hear more about your project, too, Jen!! I like mermaids. And yes, the youngest of seven mermaid sisters does sound familiar. :) What about calling it, For Love of a Knight?

    Andromeda, Kendra? As in the TV series with Kevin Sorbo?

    1. Jen says that Mynna will get her legs before she meets the knight, so no, that wouldn't work.

      And yes, the one with Kevin Sorbo. I'm working on the third episode, and then I'll go watch some Star Trek.

  3. I love your idea! And description! I love the ones where the author tells you that it's going to be ordinary, because it's always awesome!:)

    I'm doing sci-fi, too! It's my first sci-fi actually. My characters are staying on Earth, but time-travel is involved. I'm very excited about because my characters are awesome, and I love time-travel!

    I'm going to add you on NaNoWriMo. I'm Jrenee_97

    1. Ooh, time-travel. That's fun. There are so many branches of sci-fi, I chose the space odyssey for this one because that's what most people think off of the top of their heads when you say sci-fi. I'll get to a time travel later on in the series.

      And the "This is going to be the most boring diplomatic mission in the history of diplomatic missions" line comes from a speech that one of the characters will give somewhere in the course of the book. I'm looking forward to that scene.


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