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Better Rainbows

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Hello folks! I'm here with the snippets I promised ya'll on Monday. (Hum ... just found out that I'm technically spelling ya'll wrong. It should be y'all, but my brain rebels at the sight. So I shall continue with the misspelling since spellchecker isn't taking offence.)
Actually, some of these aren't from the last month or two, but not much that I've written the last month or two isn't snippetable. But I don't think ya'll will mind. Have fun, and I hope nothing is too insane.

   “That's what started it,” said Mr. Dially, sighing. “Go tell your mother that it's safe to come in. Roxanne Jade, put that rock down – what have we told you about injuring your brother?”
   Roxanne sighed and let the rock she had pulled out of the wall and was discreetly levitating behind her drop to the ground. “I wasn't going to hurt him. He's too quick.” She nodded with satisfaction to see that her brother was already gone.
   “And there aren't any trees, or even roots here for him to fight you back with,” Mr. Dially pointed out. “You've made this entire room out of inorganic substances.
   Roxanne jabbed a thumb at the stack of papers, “He could have given me a paper cut.”
- HaV Achademy "ROCKS"

The young man seemed about to say something else, but at that moment, Bark came running up with an exclamation of, “Girl! Girl! Foun, Girl! Fight!”
Aoril turned to Bark, raising his eyebrows. “You've found another one and she's fighting you?”
Bark shook her head, almost violently. “Fight!” Without warning, she fell over backwards, her hand pressed her hand over her shoulder. “Girl, fight!”

She means the girl is injured,” Stardrana translated, realizing what Bark meant. “She uses fight to mean … almost everything.” Bark rewarded her guess by jumping to her feet, nodding and hissing a yes.
- Half-Hidden (Formerly titled "300 Dragons."

At last we came to a stop and he motioned to a shelf of books. "These books are the only books in our library that were written on Earth, and yet speak of this world, of Ooladada.”
“Ooladada?” I repeated. That was a fun word to say.
“Yes, that is the name of this world.”
I wrinkled my nose as I examined the books, slightly disappointed to find that the spines wore neither authors' names, nor titles. “Ooladada,” I repeated, consoling myself with the taste of the funny word.
- Behind the Rainbow

 “Did you hear the news, Tabetha?” Annah whispered a few days later as the two were harvesting Ylia berries in a field just south of the Lilnia city. Their ever-watchful overseer was nearby, but he rarely payed attention to conversations as long as their work didn't slow.
What news?” Tabetha asked.
There's a Takkig among us – a real, live Takkig!”
Tabetha's hand wandered briefly to her concealed necklace, before she forced it back onto the task at hand. “Really? Who?”
Annah shrugged. “No one knows. The elves discovered a Koyer among themselves and the Koyer has a twin sister here. That's all we know.”
Are you sure this isn't just a rumor that someone made up? A Takkig and Koyer among slaves? Mortha's related to them, but that's …”
Trust me, I have my doubts too,” Annah agreed. “But this actually has a ring of truth to it. A Koyer and Takkig among us would be a disgrace, and the only reason a Harshan would make up the story would be to raise us to anger. We're being told to keep quiet and to carry on as if we don't know.”
So you think it's the truth?”

What else is there to think?” asked Annah, with a shrug. Tabetha wanted to ask more, but that shrug meant that Annah was done talking about it.
- The New Division

At last we arrived at the Rainbow and discovered that it was, indeed, books that I had seen stuck in it.
“You know something, sis,” said I, folding my arms over my chest and just taking in the beautiful sight, “I like our rainbow better.”
V frowned. “Better than what?”
“Than other rainbows. Other rainbows have pots of gold at the end – but who needs gold. Books are way better.”
- Behind the Rainbow

     “Hey dad!” Riley exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. “Mom wants to know if it's safe to come in.”     Mr. Dially glanced up from his papers. “Does it look safe?”     Riley cocked his head to the side as he considered their father's face. “Looks like Rox already took care of your make-up from this morning.”     “Yep,” said Roxanne, “I did.”     “What are you doing back already?” Riley asked, turning to her, “I thought you were going to make the best of it and savor your last day of freedom?”     “What freedom?” she moped. “We're Supers, we don't have any freedom. Neither do civilians, but at least they think they do.”
- HaV Academy "ROCKS" 

 "There's no way that we'll be able to get out of here!" Gavin moaned.
"That's what you think. That's what everyone thinks. But I tell you, there's always a way out of every sticky situation. You just have to be observant and look for it." Leo frowned as he set his now-empty bowl to the side. "It's too bad that Mordreth doesn't have any pretty daughters for us to charm. Only that good for nothing Kew, and I really do not see him helping us. And Prince Arthur's gone, of course, so that's out of the question."
"If Prince Arthur were here," said Gavin, dryly, "We wouldn't be in the dungeon!"
- My Kingdom for a Quest

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