Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Build a World Together

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I have this old plot idea running around in my head dating from my days when I would make up stories with my sister and her best friend. This one is just me and the best friend ... yeah, V was on a I-don't-like-stories thing, leaving Kat and I to make up stories with just the two of us. We had four that I'm still plotting around with.

Anyways, I really like this idea, and it has some serious potential ... but I need to do some world development will ya'll.

What I know about this world:

The pitch of this world is it's ruler - the Eternal Queen. I don't know if she rules the entire world, or just a portion, but she is so called because she seems to be eternal. She goes through fifty year cycles where she'll get older and older until death starts to knock at her door and she simply disappears. At the end of the cycle, she will reappear somewhere at the age ten. She can disappear at any time in those fifty years, but she always reappears at the end of them.

As a child, she appears as pictured above.

No one knows where she goes when she disappears save for herself, and she's not telling anyone. (I happen to know, but I won't say where. Hint: I'm heavily inspired by Narnia in many books.)

Some cycles she will marry, and her husband is called the Mortal King. Her children hold no special title, but their names are all recorded in a special book, and she will often set them and their descendants as governors of farther corners of her world where it is harder for them to travel.

And that's all I know, and I give it over to you. Just comment below with some facet of culture, a bit of physics, a new species of animal or plant. Have fun! You may come back and comment as often as you like, just make sure you wait until someone else has posted and don't contradict anyone if you can help it. (I'll understand if you both post at the same time and I haven't approved the one before yet! If that happens I'll just publish them both and decide later which one I'll use.)

(Each comment that abides by the rules will qualify as an entry to the giveaway)


  1. Hmm, how about: they are a nation of woodcarvers. They make the most beautiful furniture, shelves and wooden dishes. And their houses are ornamented on the outside with gorgeous carving, too.

  2. To go along with the woodcarving... There trees should have soft pink leaves, and the trunks should be the most beautiful shade of rich brown, to accent the pink leaves. (Think cherry blossoms in full bloom, but more beautiful.)

  3. (Kendra, you find the neatest pictures!)

    Obviously the Eternal Queen is some kind of Elf/Faerie (or maybe a distant relation of the Time Lords? Depends on whether you're going for a fantasy or science fiction angle). Perhaps one of her great-times-ten grandchildren could get curious about his Eternal great-grandmother and try to find out her secret. Also, it follows that her children and closer descendants would have some kind of special "gift"--long life, slow aging, Beast Whispering (the ability to calm and domesticate wild animals that would have mere mortals for lunch), that sort of thing.

    It's a fascinating concept, and I'm probably not the only one looking forward to seeing what you come up with for it!
    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  4. Those who are not good at carving gather food. Some are farmers, some are fishers. There aren't any non-carnivorous creatures larger than a rabbit, and not many people like their meat, so most protein in people's diets comes from fish. There are many lakes and rivers scattered throughout the land, so fish are plenteous.


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