Monday, December 12, 2011

Memory Monday - How did he ...?

Once upon a time, there were three girls playing school with barbies. The two older girls were playing the teacher barbies, while the little sister of the one girl was playing the dad doll. (Ken?)
The school had a "no pets policy" but the dad kept disregarding it and insisting on bringing pets. "Why can't there be pets?" he finally asked.
"Because we have no place to put them," the teachers replied.
The dad drove silently away in his car, and the teachers thought that they would have some peace for a while - but no! Within minutes, the dad had returned - with a huge, double-story cat and doghouse balanced on top of the car. "Now," he said, "you have a place to put them."
As the two teachers stared, one turned to her fellow and said, "How did he get that up there?"

- True Story!

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  1. KENDRA HOW DARE YOU TELL THAT STORY!!!LOL ok I admit I was bad back then.


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