Bookshelf Overhaul + Giveaway

So, as I may have already mentioned, I'm in the process of overhauling my entire bookshelf, and there's a giveaway involved. I've already announced this, but now it's time to give it its own page.

So, basic breakdown of the giveaway.

The illustrious prize: A full set of all six of my novels, in their brand new cover glory. Autographed. This prize is U.S. only, unfortunately, unless you're willing to pay shipping. Sorry, but my finances are tight at the moment.

I am keeping track of entries by tally marks in a notebook. The winner will be chosen using a list randomizer.

How to earn entries:

All right, first off - both LDTD and WPFP are free today through Saturday. Please share with your friends - in fact, if you tag me in your share, I will count it as a point to the giveaway. And there's no limit on how many times you can share it and earn points, so blast away!

And, don't forget, Sew is on permafree, so sharing it will give you points, too, if you tag me in the share.

Comments. Any comments you make on any post on this blog, from now until October 31st, will count towards this giveaway. Also, any comments that you make on O.Scarlett, GiraffeCrafts, or the AA. See the tabs at the top of my blog for links.

Taking part in the games that I post, typically on Saturdays. Fun games. Yay! The point values will be listed at the top of each post.
Games that I've Posted Thus Far:
Guess the Snippet
Red Rover
Canons of the Head
That's So Pinteresting
By Any Other Name

Reviews. Any review that you leave for any of my books - including the short stories, though they're not part of the overhaul (they will get edited, just later). The initial review is worth 3 points, and each additional site you post it to is worth an extra point. So a review posted to your blog, Amazon, AND Goodreads is worth five points. And, yes, old reviews count. Just make sure you email me links to everywhere that the review is posted.

My email:

Draw me fanart/write a fanfic. Worth five points for each creation. Again, email them to me. Art will be posted to this blog, fics will be posted to the AA blog. (And if you're not a member of the AA blog, see this page for details.)

Share this post. Just send me a link to your tweet/facebook status/Goodreads status/pin/blog post/etc. This is worth one point, but you can share earn up to two points a day this way.

Ask my characters questions! I currently have the floor open for my LDTD characters in the Rizkaland Group, and I'll be opening the floor for the Bookania characters on Tuesday. Exciting, yes? Each question you ask is worth a point.

But, open all the way to the end of October, in those same two Goodreads groups - speculations. I'd like to know what you guys think that I have coming in Rizkaland and Bookania. A point per speculation as I determine them.

Happy point earning. My notebook is primed and ready to receive your tally marks.


  1. Oooh, exciting times!!! Can't wait to see the new covers!

  2. This is so exciting! I echo Jenelle in saying that I can't wait to see the new covers!!


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