Saturday, August 26, 2017

Red Rover, Red Rover

First off, I intend to send out the new covers to the revealers tonight or tomorrow. So, yeah, look forward to that. If there's anyone who signs up after I send out the information, I'll make a second send out on August 30th.

Now to this week's game - Red Rover.
I walked to my aunt's house after work the other day - she lives just down the street from the McDonald's where I work, and luckily, the road between is a non-busy backroad - and arrived just in time to find my cousins playing Red Rover. They managed to hurt themselves within very short order, but it reminded me of a game I did in my Five and Three blog party ... three years ago, a game which no one actually played.

So I'm going to issue it again, since our timeframe is looser.

Red Rover, red rover, let Clara come over...

Basically, the jist of this game is that I'd like you guys to write a short cross-over fanfic.

You can:
Write a scene where my characters go to the realm of another author's fiction.
Write a scene where another authors characters go to my worlds.
Write a scene where my characters meet characters from someone else's book.
Write a scene from my book with characters from another author.
Write a scene from another author's book with my characters.
Come up with something else. The point is that you bring an element of my fiction to another author's fiction, or vice versa.

And, yes, if you're an author yourself, you're free to make the "other author" be yourself, even if the fiction you're merging with mine isn't published yet.

Fun? Fun!

You're free to post it in the comments below or in a post on your own blog, then post a link to said post in the comments. You're allowed to write as many scenes as you'd like.

Four points if it's posted in the comments. Five for each individual post you do on your own blog. If you put multiple scenes in one post, the first is worth five, and each subsequent is worth four.

An extra point to any scene that makes me laugh. Extra two points if I fall out of my chair laughing.

Go forth and write.

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  1. 1. I storming love this and I want to write something for it. Hopefully I'll finish Blood in the Snow soon so I actually can write other stuff without feeling guilty.

    2. I just realized that you're basically bribing us to write fanfiction. Crossover fanfic, no less.

    3. I'm actually not upset about #2.


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