Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sleeping Beauty's Cousins

Day four. I'm here today to talk about a few other fairy tales that bear strong resemblance to Sleeping Beauty on some level or another.

1. The Sleeping Prince.
This one is more of a "Goose-Girl" fairy tale, where a princess is told that if she'll watch over a Sleeping Prince for set amout of time, he'll marry her when he wakes up. Unfortunately, she lets her maid take over for the last few minutes, and ... well, it's Goose-Girl from there.

2. The Crystal Coffin.
This Sleeping Beauty rejected the hand of sorcery, and he trapped her in a coffin until her brother defeated the sorcery. And a random tailor has to let her out of the coffin and she marries him.

3. Fairer-than-a-Fairy.
So, this princess's father did worse than failing to invite a fairy to her Christening - he implied that she was more beautiful than the fairies - he offened them ALL. So she was kidnapped. Isn't her that ends up asleep, though, but her Prince, Rainbow.

4. Sun, Moon, and Talia.
So, I'm cheating - this is an old version of the tale. But it has a few ... weird differences. (1) It's a peice of flax lodged in her thumb that puts her to sleep. (2) The prince ... does a bit more than kiss her, and doesn't even wake her up. Instead, she gives birth to twins, and one of them sucks the flax out of her thumb and THEN she wakes up. (3) The prince marries in the interim, and the wife tries to eat Talia and her kids. (I can't make this up.)

5. The Fairy Gifts
No one sleeps in this fairy tale, but I'm including it because it discusses gifts given by fairies ... and the consequences that can come of them.

6. Snow White.
Yes, I count this as a Sleeping Beauty tale. She meets her True Love comatose.

7. Rosanella.
Just throwing this one in because it's weird. In order to win a contest for the Faery throne, one fairy splits a princess into twelve girls, each with an element of her personality, in order to cure a prince of ficklness.

I don't make this stuff up.

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  1. I'm going to have to look up Rosanella.
    Sun, Moon, and Talia is plain weird. Sometimes I wonder about the origin of tales like that, but I think I'd rather not know.

  2. Ok, but Sun, Moon, and Talia is, I believe, considered the original Sleeping Beauty. And yes, it's very weird and creepy.

    I love The Crystal Coffin! And now I wish I had thought to combine THAT with Snow White for the contest . . .

    Also, I now need to look up Rosanella.

  3. And yes, you can't make this stuff up. XD There are SO many weird (and creepy) fairytales, and so many have similar elements. :P

  4. Interesting thought on Snow White.... Her stepmother COULD be seen as an evil fairy.


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