Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Special Announcemnt!

So ... I kinda dropped off the internet this weekend. I don't know how my boss always picks my book release weeks to change my schedule on me, but it's starting to get annoying? I had been working Sunday/Monday, but then I looked at my schedule and saw that I was down for Friday/Saturday/Sunday - and also, all 6AM shifts. I am not a morning person, and this was suddenly two days of expected prep gone. 

So, yeah, I did sacrifice sleep to get the video up Saturday, but I had no energy to come over and post it over here, and then I never even bothered to do Sunday's post. I do apologize. Here's the video if you haven't had a chance to see it yet.

Now, for that awesome announcement we all were waiting for - actually, it's several announcements, so let's go in ascending order of awesome.

1. The final Twist of Adventure will be coming out later this year. It's The Dancing Princess, a sort of genderswapped 12DP retelling a serious B&B undervibe that I did not expect to show up, but I am totally down for. I'm currently sitting at about the halfway mark of the story with nearly 6,000 words, and so it's going to be a decent length for these stories. My alpha readers already ship Katrine and the king so hard, it's adorable.

2. I'm actually in the process of shifting CinderEddy and Poison Kiss from my mother's Amazon account to my own. This has been a gradual process of moving my books over, especially as with the short stories, I want to run them through a good edit first, and most of them are getting new covers.

3. Once The Dancing Princess is out, I will be releasing all five stories in a single edition, and this one WILL have a paperback edition. So, soon, you will be able to have these five charming little stories on your actual shelf. And I will, too. It's gonna be awesome. I'm not sure how quickly I'll have it up after TDP's release, but it will be September at the latest.

4. I'm in the process of helping Tom Wildrose release her debut! I was going to have the cover reveal sign-up live here today, but with my weekend wipeout, it didn't happen. It'll be here, soon though. 

5. And here's the biggest one ...

Click for Amazon link

The Merchant of Menace is up for preorder! It's actually been up for several days now, but I wanted it all linked up and proper for this announcement. It's due for release October 19th, and I'm really looking forward to sharing this exiting story with all of you. Cinderella, the Odessey, pirates, and Shakespeare, this book is packed and I can't be more excited. There's been so many adorable moments that I've had so much fun writing, and, ugh!!! I love that cover and can't wait to have it on my shelf....

Which brings me to the giveaway.

See, Amazon only lets indie authors set up kindle preorders (which I'm fine with), but I thought you guys might be interested in winning a paperback edition. I can't give one away to every preorder, but I will be doing one for every ten. Currently, I'm sitting at two preorders, so that's only eight to go before I can add the first book to the stack, BUT, I have faith in all of you and your desire to have a signed paperback edition on your shelf. 

Furthermore, if and when I hit a hundred preorders, I will select an ADDITIONAL four people to win a complete set of the series. All six books, shiny and signed.

U.S. only - I can't at this time, afford international shipping.
In order to enter for the giveaway, you MUST email me your preorder receipt, though all preorders count towards the tally. Amazon only shows me that a sale was made, not who you are.)

If you're wondering how accessible the book is for readers who want to start here - it is a story that builds on plots established in the previous books, but it does establish itself quite quickly as a good number of the POV characters we're following are new. There are a lot of nuances to the characters and world that you may miss out on, but it wouldn't be the worst book of the series to start with.

So, yeah, go pick up the book now, and share the news with your friends. You might wind up with a paperback in your mailbox for the price of the kindle!

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  1. I was wondering which of your upcoming projects were going to be in the special announcement. I'm very excited for all of these! And as soon as I can get on Facebook again, I will try to post something about Merchant and preorders and potential giveaways.

  2. QUOTE: "What have you been doing with your life if you haven't read [The Lunar Chronicles] yet?"
    Oh, I dunno...maybe waiting until my income is such that I can actually buy all the fabulous books people keep talking about(and that my acquaintances and their friends have written that sound AMAZING)? ;-)

    Joshing aside, there are so many new books out on the market now that sound like good reads, most of which I heard about through these blog tours. Thank you, Kendra, for hosting things like this, and spreading awareness of great new fiction! (Thanks, too, for including my upcoming debut in your announcement, even though Prince NĂ¡cil isn't Rapunzel-related. *Hugs*)

    Best wishes to both Kendra and Kirsten, once again, with their latest works. May God send readers for your published books, and inspiration for your WIPs. ^.^

    God bless, and Happy Writing,


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