Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Character Encounters - June 2015

Okay, Character Encounter time.

Sorry about this being so late, I honestly meant to have this out yesterday morning, but then a neighbor dog attacked and killed one of our cats Sunday morning, (and we missed church), leaving my nerves shot for the rest of the day. And then we decided to get my sister's wisdom teeth removed this morning, so basically, life has been crazy.

I've been hard at work trying to put together information for the cover reveal, edit, write book two, and my brain has been exploding with plot for Poison Kiss. It's pretty much come together now, I just need to get it written.

Also: Drive through. Would you like to try an Egg White Delight McMuffin Meal today?

Baaaasically, I've been busy.

But, on to the CE - Where will you be encountering your character this month?

Car Dealership

Because (1) I've been chafing a bit against the fact that I don't have wheels of my own (even my bike tires are flat, though I don't live close enough to anywhere for it to be practical) and (2) I've been in back drive through all this week, staring at a car dealership, and my brain hurts too much to be any more creative than that.

If you are unable to make it to a dealership, and auto repair shop would work just as well.


  1. Oh, Kendra! Your poor cat!!! *Sob* *BIG HUG*

    1. It was actually my aunt's cats, one that I hadn't taken the time to actually get to know, but I was the one to rush in and break up the fight, and then sit with the poor thing until we decided that there was no hope for him and the kindest thing would be to put him down (his back was broken.)

      It didn't help that this was the second cat that week, and the dog had also gotten one of my sister's rabbits. The dog's owner is looking for a new home for him, because she agrees that this ISN'T a good thing. (She's a sweet lady, and honestly, until he started attacking our animals, he was a sweet dog.)

  2. Oh, I'm sorry life's been rough. *hugs* I hope your sister feels better soon, and I'm sorry about your cat.

    This month's character encounter could be tricky, but I'll try to think of something . . .


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