Friday, September 19, 2014

Avast Ye Mateys!

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I just received a wee bit o' news last night that today be national talk like a pirate day. Now I missed out on this lovely hollyday last year, but the year before, I cellybrated wi' a treasure hunt, as I know all pirates love a wee bit o' treasure.

Now, the rules be simple, I'm gonna post some questions below, the answers to which ken be found somewhere's about me blog in the last year. There will be clues as to which post contains the answer in the question, so read carefully.

The winner will be the first person to read Woodcutter Quince, which I finished in th' wee hour of this morning. If you're one of those rare people who haven't read Sew, yet, I'll also send along a PDF of that, since it's meant to be read as a prequel, and not as a standalone. (And if'n ye want to do the favor of givin' me some feedback, that would be rightly appreciated.)

Now, on to the questions.

1. What did me mateys and me become obsessed with breedin' over th' events of Th' Elvin'?
2. How does Robin fetch the Attention of People?
3. What be Nixa's element?
4. What be Purple to match 'er Shirt?
5. What do I do when I be Bored at Night?
6. What did the Doorkeeper call 'erself the last time she kem to Earth?
7. What be Delaney's advice to future rulers?
8. Where did I find the Land o' Magic?
9. What does Obsidia think of her marrying Delaney?
10. What be the Pixie's greatest fear?

Just comment below wi' your answers, and I'll be back on Monday to let ye know who gets to read Woodcutter. The winner will be the one who answers the most questions right, though if there be a tie, well, I'm open to multiple winners.

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  1. I will totally fail at those questions. >_< But yay for talk like a pirate day! I always forget to celebrate these things. Like banned book week? I think I forgot that. And I THINK there's national cake day in January which I completely forgot this year (will not be making that mistake again). I like cake. ;)


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