Saturday, August 2, 2014

Party Game - Pinata

Via Pinterest
When I was five, I wanted a Mexican Birthday party. And that included a pinata. My mother, not being the person to buy that sort of thing at a store, decided to make one herself. It was a ladybug - and had I thought of it sooner, I could have asked her for a picture of it.

The problem was, when she finished, the prescribed number of layers she didn't think that it would be thick enough ... so she added another one. We beat the tarnation out that thing, my dad beat the tarnation out of that thing, and we ended up getting a kitchen knife to get it open.

Well, hopefully no kitchen knives will have to make an appearance today. All you need to do is post a random bit of trivia about me, my blog, or my writing, and it could be trivia that you found anywhere - here, someone else's blog, my books. Just don't post any spoilers.

I will draw the name of one person and they will get to read everything I have written on HaV Academy. That includes the first chapter of Lavalight, since I have that written.


Hi! Now that you've read my post, hast thou any opinions that thou wouldst like to share? I'd love to hear them!

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