Monday, November 14, 2011


Tammy: Hello folks! Welcome to the Past Times. I’m your host, Tammy Turnback. With me today is the brilliant philosopher, Aristotle.
Aristotle: And scientist.
Tammy: Yes. What sort of subjects interested you?
Aristotle: A good many of them, especially natural sciences.
Tammy: Such as?
Aristotle: Animals really interested me. I also liked plants.
Tammy: I see.
Aristotle: They are so question provoking. Have they always stayed the way they are now? Or have they changed over time? I am known for being one of the first naturalists.
Tammy: When we had Alexander the Great on our show, he told us that you were one of his tutors.
Aristotle: Ah, yes! Alexander! Yes, I went to Pella for a long while to teach him and his friends. His conquests so expanded my range of study.
Tammy: How?
Aristotle: He had several scientists with him, and would send back stuff that they found. That was some interesting stuff!
Tammy: So, he remembered what you taught him better than his other teacher?
Aristotle: As far as I could tell.
Tammy: Tell me about your early life.
Aristotle: I was born in the town Stagira. My parent’s names were Nicomachus and Phaestis. My father was a doctor and he instilled in me my life long love of science and learning, although we scientists were considered philosophers at the time.
Tammy: Interesting.
Aristotle: My Father was a good friend of Alexander’s grandfather, King Amyntas. That might have had something to do with King Philip later selecting me for Alexander’s tutor.
Tammy: You said that your father taught you, what kind of stuff?
Aristotle: Practically anything that would be useful for a doctor. He hoped that I would follow him in his trade. I learned what he taught me quickly, and he eventually enrolled me in one of the local schools.
Tammy: Where you did very well.
Aristotle: I did. However, both he and my mother died while I was a boy. My guardian, Proxenus, sent me to Athens when I was eighteen in order for me to get further education, when I got beyond the teaching of the local schools.
Tammy: And you liked the place so much you stayed a while
Aristotle: I did. I didn’t return to Macedonian until Philip invited me to be Alexander’s teacher. That is why I am better known for my connection to Athens.
Tammy: I see. What are you best known for today?
Aristotle: My questioning on whether or not life forms stay constant, or change over time.
Tammy: The second is the commonly accepted today.
Aristotle: Yes, but it still do not think it is necessarily is the correct one. Personally, I still think it could be either.
Tammy: My personal opinion is the first. What other things did you think about?
Aristotle: Plenty, of other stuff. If it pertained to life and could be considered science, I thought about it. I did experiments, too. My Father had taught me early in life how to dissect animals and other stuff. I used that skill often.
Tammy: I personally do not care for doing that sort of thing myself.
Aristotle: Nor would I expect you to. You’re a girl.
Tammy: Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank-you, Aristotle, for your brilliant insights. I’m your host, Tammy Turnback, tune in next time for more of the Past Times!
Aristotle: You’re welcome.

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