Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Are Family Traditions Important?

Why Are Family Traditions Important?

Every year at Christmas, my family opens our presents on blankets. Every Sunday, after church we eat Chinese. Every year, we usually do AWANA.
All of these are traditions. But why do we do them? Why are family traditions important?
First of all they create memories. One is more likely to remember something if they do it over and over, rather than just once.
If one’s family had a tradition of eating coconut ice cream on Birthdays, whenever he tastes that stuff later on, he will think about those days. If the family had a tradition of holding a jump rope contest the last Saturday of every month, he would remember those days those days every time they look at a jump rope.
Traditions also bring family closer together. They often mean that the family has to get along, and when you spend time with someone, you usually learn to like someone, or you will create an aversion. That’s ok; one usually has at least one relative who likes him.
One is more likely to like someone when he is having fun with him or her. Singing songs, doing contests, board games, telling campfire stories. All of these are fun ideas, which create memories, and turn families in to friends.
Traditions often create security. I usually don’t have to worry about Sunday lunches because I know we are going to Chins Garden. After we eat, I know we are going to the library. I find security in this tradition because it is never changed unless the Library is closed or we are going to eat with someone else, or going to the library right before the evening sermon.
However, not all traditions are good. If it takes to much time, effort, or money, it is not a good tradition. Do your self a favor and get rid of it. Such traditions crate bad memories, drive families apart and form Insecurity. Once the tradition is gone you will probity find that you have more time for the traditions that you like.
The tradition may be one you cannot control, like ultra Republican Aunt May, and extreme Democrat Uncle Fred always getting into a fight about polities. In these cases just smile and bear it. Maybe someday you will look back at those arguments as the best political debates you ever herd. Maybe you feel that your family is lacking in traditions. In such cases, introduce new ones invite every one in your family to a costume party and select a couple judges from the adults to choose the best. Be creative; remember a good family tradition is well worth the effort setting up.
A good tradition lasts, when the main player in it is removed; someone else takes that person’s place. Everyone looks forward to it and is very disappointed whenever it can’t be carried out.
When a bad tradition cannot be carried out, no one notices. It is rarely reinstated. When the main player is removed, no one takes the persons place.
Good traditions are important. They are important they are remembered and looked forward to. They bring the family together and create security. They may eventually turn bad, but they can be changed. People love them and want them to stay.

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