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Q&A In the Kastle - Part 2

Hello, folks! I am back on the writing scene! 

As you may know, my computer died last Tuesday, while I was away doing Christmas shopping. I've been expecting it to do something of the sort for some time now, since it's been limping along for about two years. In fact, I've been amazed that it's lasted me this long.

However, I was a bit upset by its death, as it was not great timing for me. Then I nearly lost my Garmin Watch (it's a miracle that I found it again, though I'm frankly not sure how it got off of my wrist in the first place, because it's never done that before. I blame my long sleeves.)

So my aunt told me that if I could get a Best Buy card, I could buy a new computer through them, and have eighteen months interest-free to pay it off. She's bought computers that way for all of her kids and loves doing business with them. She sent me to the website to look around and get an idea of what I wanted.

The first computer I saw was a 2-in-1 laptop that folds into a tablet, normally $800 but on sale for $600. Looking around at the specs, it further confirmed itself as the computer I always wanted (I'm not joking, I've been wanting a 2-in-1 since I found out about them), as it also had a terabyte harddrive and ran on a i5 processor. Sending it to my computer-savvy uncle, he said that I was unlikely to get a better computer for a better price.

Unfortunately, my credit was not approved, but the did allow my aunt to use my income to extend her credit and we bought it that way. So now I have a REALLY nice computer.

Her name is Angelica.

And I owe my aunt a lot of money, so if you guys could pretty please buy my books?????

Onto the Q&A. Beware spoilers for WPFP.

"All right! Time for more questions!" I announce. "Jasmine, we'll start with you. Mnm would like to know if you've gotten to know your hero any better. She doesn't specify who the hero is, beyond *AhemyouknowwhoImean,* so I shall assume that she's referring to Karlos."

Jasmine wrinkles her nose. "Oh, right, because I called him my hero when he knocked me off of the cliff and then joined me down there to keep my company." She gives a heavy a sigh. "Unfortunately, they sent him back to the Lower Kastle once the Hills were working again and I have to stay with the Water Princess, and I've thus barely seen him since."

"And, Karlos, Mnm would like to know what you think of being her hero?"

Karlos glances her direction. "Since it made her feel safer after I knocked her off of the cliff, and I'm really sorry about that one, I guess it's okay. I don't deserve to be her hero, though, since it's my fault that she fell off of the cliff and all. The Fire Prince was the one who rescued her, you know."

"And Jill Anna, Mnm would like to know what you think of your sister's hero?"

Jill Anna glances towards Karlos. "He's a bright, clever young man. She could have worse friends. And ... should this develop into a crush ... well, it's not as hopeless as me and Jakob, since as maid to the Water Princess, Jasmine's rank is higher than mine, and as Karlos is not a Lor'Son. Still, I wouldn't encourage her. She's highly romantic and gets way too many silly ideas as it is."

I laugh. "And while we're on the subject of siblings approving potential love interests, Essua, Anna would like to know if you've met her and if so, what you think of her."

Essua leans back and stares at the former Bugslayer for the longest moment. "I've had the honor of meeting her, yes. Had her sew a bit for me, back in the day. I'm Jakob's sister, you know, and as such, it wasn't hard for me to figure out who he liked. I had a fair idea that she liked him back, and told him as much, but he's a stubborn idiot. I'm just glad to see that the Water Princess finished the job I started. They're sickeningly cute together."

"You are aware that I may use this against you someday when you finally find someone," Jakob points out.

"Who would put up with me?" asks Essua, eyes sparkling. "The Water Princess already took the Fire Prince."

"I'm sure there's someone out there."

"Moving on," I say. "Abraham, Mnm would like to know if Karlos is your only son."

"He is," Abraham admits. "Although I also have a daughter, Iska, who shall be turning six in a month or so. She is my heir, though, since Karlos's mother died before I became the Lord."

I nod. "And, on that note, Alyssa would like to know what is the hardest part of being the Lord of Lower Klarand and if there are any perks."

Abraham sighs, glancing away. "The hardest part? I can name a number of things - the people looking to me to keep them safe and to give them guidance. Having to do it all alone for the first ten years since Amber's presence had divided our land - no one is meant to rule alone here in Rizkaland. Having to take a second wife so soon after I lost Hannah because Lower Klarand needed a Lady. But there are perks, too, I'll admit. I get to live in a castle, after all, and I'm not required to do any cleaning."

I laugh a bit. "Yeah, you have servants for that. You merely need to clean up the bigger problems. Now, Jakob, Mnm would like to know what you thought of the Fire Prince when you met him."

Jakob leaned back with a chuckle. "My initial thought? He managed to intimidate the Water Princess ... but looked as helpless as a baby Rikki when it came to dealing with her. I figured he'd come around and figure it out sooner or later, though. Which he has. And I think he still intimidates her, sometimes."

"Jill Anna, Tom Wildrose would like to know if you've ever turned your hand to embroidery or if your skill is strictly for construction."

"I have done embroidery work," she admits, "but since embroidery is considered acceptible work for ladies of rank, most of them do their own, so my skill is mostly geared towards constructing the garments quickly and sturdily."

"And Mnm would like to know how old you are," I add.

"I'm seventeen," she answers. "Just turned, though. I was sixteen during the events of the book."

"And, she has the same question for Kiona and Stephan," I continue. "How old are the both of you?"

"I'm eighteen and Stephan is twenty," Kiona answers. "Or, at least, we think he's twenty. He has no memory of his life before my father rescued him. It's a bit frustrating for him, but I rarely hear him complain. That may have more to do with the fact that I rarely hear him say much of anything, though."

"That is likely the case," I admit, with a raised brow. "And on that note, Alyssa would like to know what's the hardest part of being a couple when only one of you can talk and if there are any perks."

She leaned back, frowning. "Stephan and I have developed a bit of a sign language, and we've known each other so long, I can usually read him anyway. And he can talk, he just doesn't like to. I guess the hardest part is guilt when I make him use it because I'm not paying attention to him." She glanced his way. "But as for perks, it means that I can do all the talking for both of us. People say I do a very good job of that."

"I suppose you do," I admit. "Now, one final question and it's for Karlos - Anna would like to know if you have many friends back at the Kastle."

"Well, I have a few, but I'm not sure if they're really friends," he admits. "I'm in a really weird position - the son of the Lord, but not a Lor'Son. I don't really have a rank, so people don't know what to do with me." He shrugged. "I'm used to it, though."

"Well, hopefully, you won't be friendless forever," I say, glancing towards Jasmine. "Now, that's all of the questions, so I'm off to Amber's castle to ask her some. Wish me luck!"


Yep. One more stop to ask questions of Laura, Granite, and Amber. It'll actually be set during Part 1 of LDTD, so, yes, exciting!

Also, I'm trying to decide what Christmas story to write for my Newsletter (which, if you aren't subscribed to yet, the sign-up box on the side of my page. The one that asks for your name, mind you, the other is to get this blog emailed to you). I have a couple ideas, but have decided to put it to a vote. Please comment below with your favorite(s) of the following:

1. Bookania story featuring Robin and Eric as children.
2. Ankulen story featuring Jen's childhood and Christmas in her imagination.
3. Ankulen story featuring Derek and Megan's first Christmas with Jen.
4. Rizkaland story featuring Clara and Andrew's backstory.
5. Rizkaland story featuring Reutra backstory.
6. Rizkaland story featuring Clarand's first "Christmas/New Year" in Rizkaland. Well, technically second, but they didn't really celebrate the first one. It's also their first anniversary, though.
7. HaV Academy story featuring Roxanne, Riley, and William as children.

Thanks in advance for your vote!


  1. I vote for either the Reutra backstory or the Clarand "first Christmas together" one. Loved this Q&A session, and I'm very much looking forward to the next one. :D

  2. I vote for the Ankulen story with Derek and Megan.

  3. I loved the Q&A. And i csn only manage to narrow the story options to 5, 6, or 7. They're all great ideas though. Except thst Clarand backstory isn't together.


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