Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Poison Kiss - Chapter 1

The winners for the Rooglewood Five Magic Spindles have been announced. I didn't make the list ... although, since I didn't finish my entry in time to submit it, I'm really not surprised.

I'll hopefully be publishing Poison Kiss on my own later this summer, as part of the celebration for Sew, it's a Quest's fifth birthday party. (Can't believe I've been a published author for nearly five years!!!). The story still needs to be finished, as it still needs the climax and denouement. I talked the climax out with my mom the other night, and I'm really excited to plunge back into the story as soon as I've finished writing Lady Dragon, Tela Du, which has about five chapters and the epilogue to go.

I've decided to make Poison Kiss and CinderEddy the same series, though I haven't quite decided what to call said series. Mixed-Up Tales is coming to mind ... but I'd like something a bit more original. If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share!

But to celebrate the announcement, I'm sharing the first chapter of PK today. Enjoy!

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  The king wasn’t even surprised when the old fairy stormed into the banquet hall. After all, he’d already received notice that his daughter was to be the next Sleeping Beauty, and he had neglected Olgerta’s invitation on purpose.
  “I’m afraid, good mother,” he said with a sigh that was also a smile, “That we only commissioned seven golden plates.”
  “No matter,’’ said she, “I can make do with silver.”
  And so she sat down by her sisters where the silver plate, made especially for her with spinning wheels and spindle needles adorning the edge, was set before her. She said not a word over the meal, though her eye scarcely strayed from the bassinet at the queen’s side.
  At last came the gifts, and the fairies lined up to see the infant princess and bestow their gifts. Everyone listened with bated breath.
  “Beauty,” said Anathese. “With chestnut curls and eyes like stars, her beauty shall be surpassed by none.”
  ‘‘Song,” said Belinda. “Her voice shall be as sweet as a songbird’s, and she shall own the command over any instrument.”
  “Grace,” said Chamomile. “On the dance floor and off, she shall command the grace and poise to charm all who see her.”
  “Wit,” said Destinia. “She shall never be at a loss for words.”
  “Wisdom,” Emmala added. “She shall also know when to hold her tongue.”
  “Kindness,” said Frannis. “She shall have a large and open heart for all she knows, and for her people.”
  Olgerta now stepped up to the child’s side and clucked her tongue. “Such a tiny thing she is to demand our attention and magic,” she observed. “I suppose I shall forgive her parents’ slight against me, and give her a gift of my own.”
  The entire room collected their breath together. Here it came: the curse of spindles and death.
  “Love,” she said, after taking a moment to revel in the suspense. “In her sixteenth year, she shall find true love, taste true love’s first kiss, and die in her lover’s arms.”
  The king sprang to his feet. “You cannot! The fairy tale—”
  “The stories don’t always flow the same way, my king. She shall be a Sleeping Beauty, and that is all that matters.” With a cackle and a burst of smoke, Olgerta disappeared from sight.
  The silence was deadly, and all eyes turned to Geneva, the youngest fairy, who was supposed to give the antidote to the curse.
  “Death-like sleep!” she spluttered, knowing what was expected of her. “She won’t die, just fall asleep, only to be awakened by” – the normal cure was true love’s kiss, but Olgerta had just declared that to be the curse – “perhaps a spinning wheel shall help?”

  The king went to his young daughter’s side and brushed a finger over her dark curls, knowing what the story now demanded of him. “If the spinning wheel shall be her salvation, then I cannot banish them. Instead, we must do what we can to prevent her falling in love. Until she turns seventeen, she shall hold no contact with any young man within twenty years of her age, be they prince, servant, or peasant. Perhaps then the curse may yet be adverted.”

Yes ... the chapters in this book are INCREDIBLY short. I'm at ten chapters and only have 8,000 words. So ... yeah.


  1. I like it! Can't wait until the next contest comes out, if they have one!

  2. Sounds like a fascinating story- I look forward to eventually reading it the whole thing. :)

  3. I am definitely looking forward to reading the whole story!!

  4. Nice. I'm looking forward to read it when it's finished. Who knows, I might actually pay money for it.
    I wish I had a series title for you but I don't.

  5. Oh!!! Laughing so hard! I love this story already! :) I'm just picturing everyone's confused faces, "Perhaps a spinning wheel will help?" PRICELESS!

  6. Love this! That's a wonderful twist to the story...cursed with the kiss of true love. ;)

  7. Hee! Sneaky Olgerta, reversing the order and flummoxing everybody. Love it.

    As for a series title...all I can think of is "Fractured Fairytales," but these aren't really fractured....


  8. Oh! You could call your Mixed-Up Tales, The Convoluted Chronicles!


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