Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CE Garden - Riley

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There's nothing like the smell of soil that sings of spring time. When you mix it with the rich smell of lavender, well, you can say I'm in herb heaven.

The actual feel of the soil on my fingers is only added bliss.

It's been a long day at work, and this is the perfect relaxation for the end of a long day. Just me and my herbs.

Suddenly one of the weeds that I was about to pull grows with unexpected vigor and wraps itself around my wrist. I almost cry out, but then narrow my eyes instead.

It's character encounter time, isn't it?

I tilt my head to the side as I regard the weed critically, as I consider which of them it may be. I have four characters (that I can remember off the top of my head) that are capable of manipulating plant-growth. Three are from my Rizkaland Legends - Joseph, Helen and the Leaf Princess - but this doesn't quite feel like their style of control.

"Riley - that's you behind me, isn't it?" I ask.

"How'd you know?" It's Riley.

"Because I would have heard a harp if it were Helen," I reply, ripping my arm free from the plant and swiveling as I rise to my feet.

"Ah, I forgot, you have psychic author powers. You can always tell if any of us are in the area."

"Not quite, but I won't prevent you from attributing superpowers to me if you'd like," I reply, brushing some of the dirt from my hands. "How's your sister?"

He shrugs and leans against my aunt's trailer. "Rox? Oh, she's fine. Been her regular, kinda grumpy self, you know."

A grin pulls at the corner of my mouth despite myself. "Yes, I do know. She's not happy about this whole go to school and become a villain thing. How are the two of you going to get into the mountain, anyways. She's being very stubborn about the whole affair."

"I think that the teachers will have to bring us in," says Riley. "She says she can't control that mountain, and she's usually pretty truthful about that sort of thing. Even if she doesn't want in."

"I know, I just need to get that scene finished. I've got the ending of your story all planned out - the question is getting there."

"Well, as long as the ending involves her being happier than she is now, I'm good with it."

"It mostly depends on her," I admit. "But if she cooperates, I'm sure she will. And I think she'll cooperate with me. It's the Academy she doesn't like, not me."

"True there. Well, since I'm here, would you like to help me with your garden."

I glance around me, then nod. "That'll be nice."

Together we kneel before the brake drum pots and while I plant the various seeds and seedlings, he hyperspeeds their growth. It's looks like I'll have a good crop this year - but alas, this is all in my imagination.


  1. Oooh, Kendra, you like Lavender!! (So many people I know do not. In my family it's really only Mom and I who like it.)

    IT'S HAV ACADEMY!!! Ayiyi, I feel so sorry for Roxanne. I really like Riley though.

    *claps* I like it a lot, Kendra!!!!!

    1. Well, I can't say that I prefer lavender over other herbs, but it's a good plant with lots of nice medical properties, and I happen to have it in my garden, and its growing well, and I like the smell better than my rosemary, so I chose it for the mention.

      I almost did the Leaf Princess, however, I want to keep mystery surrounding her for a while yet, and then I thought of you and your love for my super hero story, and I decided to do Riley. What took so long in writing this post was finding a picture that fit him.

  2. Sooo...you're writing YOU in this, right? (Sorry! I haven't read character encounters for sooo long. My totally bad. I should fix this.) This is really fun! And I also love the purple background. Nice. :)

    1. Yes, that is me, and the setting is my real garden.

      Glad you like it! And yes, I love my purple background, too, though it took some getting used to which I changed it from the notebook background I did have.

  3. Hmm, mysterious plant powers. I like that.


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