Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Q and A Ankulen Vlog

Okay, and here it is, as promised, a vlog where I answer questions about The Ankulen.

And to reiterate what I said at the end, during the month of August I will be running a series of posts about various worlds (Such as Middle Earth, Narnia, Dinotopia, The Land of the Fallen Rainbow ...) that have influenced my own worldbuilding. Anyone who does such a post themselves (Just make sure you include in the post what it's for) and comments somewhere on my blog with the link will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of The Ankulen, though I cannot say at the moment whether it will be physical or a PDF. It will depend on how my finances are looking come September 5th. (Thanks Jack for this lovely idea)

As a result, I will be posting the character encounter tomorrow, and there is a possibility that you will see two posts out of me on some days.

On September 6th, I will be holding an Ankulen themed blog party (I'm babysitting on the fifth, and I don't have internet at my aunts house). As always, there will be a drawing for a PDF file of the book that day too, so if you don't win the first, you'll have a second chance. I will be putting together another Q and A vlog, so please send me more questions (whether by email or comments, I don't really care). And there will be a show-off-your-Ankulen post, for which I'll need you to send a picture of you wearing a piece of jewelry that you don't mind being called your Ankulen, (mine is the ring that you see in the video) as well as your pen name and the name of your world.

More details will be coming as soon as I have them, since I don't have a button put together. I want something to do with the cover art and - gasp! - I don't have a cover art yet. (Can you hear the frustration in my voice. The photo editing program that my cousin gave me is giving me fits, and I can't come up with a good picture. I'm about to take a water hose to my driveway and MAKE myself a stream (which was my original conception.)

Auf Wiedersein!


  1. I'm going to enter the...I don't know its proper name. Giveaway? It sounds like fun.

  2. I LOVE your shirt!

    Thanks for answering my questions. That's sad that I was the only one who asked them! If I had known that, though, I would have asked more. :P

    I can't wait to read the world-building posts!


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