Monday, May 7, 2012

Memory Monday - A Present

I love giraffes, as evidenced by my HUGE collection of them. Most people know that if they're ever in doubt as to what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, Giraffes are pretty much a safe guess. As a result I rarely pass a birthday or a Christmas without getting at least one new addition to my collection.

One Christmas, I was handed a large, heavy bag. Inside was a the largest giraffe I had yet acquired! I was so amazed at it. For a second, I just stared at it, then I scooped it up in my arms and gave it a huge hug. Its neck and head were in just the right position to make hugging perfect.

But my family wouldn't let me have my giraffe moment in peace. They just had to get a picture of my with the present.

"Say, 'Just what I always wanted!'" an aunt prompted.

Now, this giraffe wasn't "what I always wanted" I didn't know about this particular giraffe model until I had opened the package, and, therefore, couldn't have "wanted it." I always wanted a new giraffe, but I had already gotten some that year, so I would not have been upset had I not gotten this one.

"I love it ..." I whispered instead.

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