Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice Skating

Today I went ice skating. My first lap was all on the side, but once I figured it out I would let go for short periods of time. I never was too far away from the edge. I did fall five or six times, though. Ice skating is very different from walking.
Then we went to build a bear, they didn't have any giraffes, and I didn't care for the one purple bear they had, so I got a pink and orange one. I had the dress I wanted picked out before I had the bear stuffed. Since they were having a sale that made any bear/outfit/shoe combo the same price, I picked out a more expensive dress. The bear was a more expensive one, too. The dress is dark purple with black accents. It came with an adorable choker. The shoes I picked out are purple flip flops.
Then we went to Mimi's to eat.
Then we went to Joann's. Aunt Cindy got a teach yourself crochet kit and a bunch of fabric. I got a set of circular crochet hooks - still trying to figure them out - and two skeins of purple yarn. One will be for a scarf, the other for a hooded cloak that I would like to make. I also got some really sparkly purple fabric that Aunt Cindy's going to make into a shirt for me.

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