Monday, March 20, 2017

Blasts from the Past: Writing

As we're authors, we've all written posts about writing before. So I have some posts to share below:

Please note that while commenting on any of the posts below won't get you participation points, I still encourage you to do so. Comments keep a blogger blogging, you know.

Laura Vosika:
The Story of Your Life: Creating Character
Creation of a Novel
Gratitude: Creating Character
Building Character: Understanding Others
Writing Prompts: Going Home (Building Character)
Building Scenes, Building Worlds
Writing Prompts: Setting
Writing Prompts: Senses
Writing Prompts: Emotion

Abigayle Claire:
How I Write A Chapter
Do You Write What You Read?

Hope Ann:


  1. I have no time to go through and read all these right now (curse you, inconveniently timed advocacy speech!), but I'll definitely go back and try to get to these later. Thanks for making this compilation!

  2. Thank you for sharing these links, Kendra! I'm excited to look through all of these - when I can find some spare time ;P.

    ~ Savannah


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