Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tips from a Young Writer - Writer's Block

The bane of every writers existence is a horrid creature that crawls up the backs of their chairs and sucks their inspiration dry. I encounter them quite often. It's called Writer's Block.

Most people have encountered writers block at some time or another. If they haven't they probably have never had to write something, either. Writer's block can happen at any time - whether it's trying to keep you from coming up with the story at all, or merely keeping you from successfully tying up all your loose ends.

It's a horrid thing, especially if you are getting writer's block and you have a deadline by which you must have what you're writing written by.

Here are some tips that I have discovered for combating writer's block.

1. Go back and read over my list of Inspiration for tips to re-inspire you.

2. Leave the story alone and work on something else. Even if you do have a time constraint, it may be beneficial to leave the story alone for a while and look at something else. Your brain can only be productive on a single topic for so long, and making it think harder on what it's already fizzled on will only make it fizzle more.

3. Take a walk OUTSIDE. It's amazing what fresh air does for your creativity. This works best in the country, but I am aware that this is not possible for everyone. Do it barefooted if possible. I always think best barefooted.

4. Sleep on it. If you've been thinking on it enough, you might dream about it. Also, sleep helps your brain sort facts.

5. Reread what you've already written. Look for clues to tell you what to write next. Watch for a loose end that can tie it all together, something that someone said that could be used to give your hero a clue to where the princess is hidden ... anything. Be careful that you don't fall into the trap of "this is all horrible, I may as well scrap it all now." What you are writing is probably still a rough draft, and the definition of a rough draft is that it still needs a LOT of work.

6. Read something else. Let your brain absorb something rather than force something out.

7. Ask your baby sister. I'm still serious on this one! Baby sisters come up with the funniest ideas.

Now, that's all I have to write on this. If you have a suggestion or request for me to write on, feel free to leave a comment!

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