Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ashla and the Wind

I just discovered this in my old English notebooks. This is dated July 10, 2010. I was supposed to be writing a somewhat scary scene with original descriptions.


A cold wind wrapped around Ashla, as if trying to be a blanket. It was, however, being very unsuccessful.

Ashla had to reach home quickly. If one stayed out in the cold too long, Eracre, the Cold King, could claim him. Those who had been claimed by Eracre were never heard from again.

"I - must - get - home," she said, through blue lips. Was it her imagination, or did she hear a low, evil laugh? No, no, it was just the wind.

"Ashla ..." the wind moaned, "beware ... Eracre ... comes ..." She peered into the icy mist before her. Could she see her home? She had to read her home soon, or Eracre would claim her. She glanced over her shoulder. Was that a wolf-drawn sleigh? And was that Eracre himself in it?

Ashla pressed harder against the wall that the wind had become. Suddenly, it gave way. She was on her doorstep. She was home. Was that Eracre she heard, howling in the distance, or was it only the wind?

No matter, she was home, and she was safe.

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7. Despite their evil, the Wyrmen are intelligent, and they're very good at twisting human minds to go the wrong way.

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  1. Found another! This is an interesting fact!

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