Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Wrap-up

Well, it's been great talking about marketing today. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm going live now over on BlogTalk Radio with a couple other authors.

It's going to be a TON of fun, so please don't miss out.

Comment below with the day's word count as soon as you're done with your writing session.

Oh, and don't forget to pick up your free copy of Sew, It's a Quest! You can find it on the "Goodies" page.


  1. So I guess my headset stopped working halfway through the show, sorry about that! It didn't give me any indication as to anything being different, you just obviously couldn't hear anything from my end :P

  2. I GOT WORDS . . . a whole 694 of them. Which isn't even vaguely competitive. But I'm going to post them and be proud anyway because WORDS.

  3. I got 3,931 words written today - definitely better than yesterday! :D

    ~ Savannah

  4. I got 3,672 at the end of the day for my word count :)

  5. I fit in 2,942 today, but even better than that, I checked out Wednesday's words and they were all keepers. I was a bit worried about them last night. :)

  6. I got 2,065! I posted my word count before 12 on facebook bc this post wasn't up yet. That's why this is comment is so late. This counts right, Kendra?

    1. You're good. And the post was up, I just hadn't posted it to the Facebook group.


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