Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Makilien Trilogy

This is another post for Miss Jack's Giveaway.

Today, I'm actually going to shout out an entire series. The Makilien Trilogy. I'm not 100 percent this is legal, but it's the last book that's new, (as in, it only came out a few weeks ago) and it wouldn't sound right to only talk about the last book in a series and not give any of ye any back history of course.

I discovered the author of this wonderful trilogy on my own author page on Amazon. (The "People who bought books by this author also bought books by these authors list. She's not there anymore, but anyways.[Oh, wait, It must have reset last night, she's back on]) The cover arts of her fantasy books really caught my eye - and her websites and trailers were amazing.

Unfortunately, I did not have the money to buy it. But I added her blog to my google reader and went about my merry way.

And then one bright day, she posted a "FREE ebooks to anyone who'll review my books!"

And I gave a shout of hooray and sent her a email volunteering to read and review Truth, book 1. After that, I offered to read and review Courage and then ... well, Trust wasn't out yet at the time.

So I offered r&;r her historical fiction series. (but this post is not about the the historical fiction series)

When Trust came out I was pleased and delighted to find that she had a special introductory and Christmas price of only 99 cents! Since I just so happened to have 99 cents in my Amazon gift card balance, I snatched it up.

See what I mean about these covers?
And I only had the first two to look at when I discovered her.

I have reviewed Truth and Courage on the O. Scarlett! Blog.

While there were a few drawbacks to these books (such as the fact that Courage has a bit of a redundant feel and the fact that I'm not completely in love with Makilien's character) I loved this trilogy.

This was a lovely allegorical series (remember, one of my two faves when it comes to fantasy is allegory). In book 1, there's Manian, a Jesus character. The one complaint I have in that area is the fact that, in book 3, Manian was only mentioned once. I personally think that Jesus is more important than that. Elohim is a constant of the series, however.

The official website for this trilogy, by the way, is here: http://www.makilien.com.

I am now sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for her next fantasy series to come out.

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  1. I need to stop coming around here. *Adds new books to her list.*


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