Monday, December 17, 2012

Garlic is Good For you!

- The Derao is free for the next several days.
- I drew that cover art.
- It looked horrid.
- But then I ran it through some editing features on my picture editing program (picasa)
- Now it looks terrific
- It looks exactly how I wanted it to look.
- It sends chills down my spine.
- Of all my cover arts, this one's my favorite.
- I drew an ax last night.
- One with a golden handle and silver axhead.
- And it's set with emeralds.
- It's Casperl's ax.
- I'd show you a picture, but mom's computer doesn't talk to my SD card.
- My toes are cold.
- I ought to wear socks, but I don't.
This is Maryanne's favorite Egg

- I have a character named Xially.
- Two, actually.
- In the same series.
- I don't know why.
- Xially is pronounced k'sially.
- Which is the proper pronunciation of the letter x.
- The name derao appeared when I got tired of writing "dragon" and just started typing.
- Funny how that happens sometimes.
- I have no idea why I named Lukas Lukas.
- Tabitha is named after my best friend at age 6.
- I like the name Tabitha.
- I have three characters with that name.
- Although one of them it's spelled Tabetha.
- Lukas is in no way related to Eric's brother (who has the same name)
- Or, at least, not to my knowledge.
- I have random ideas for a prequel that takes place 300 years prior to Sew.
- It would be very interesting.
- It would involve a princess who is obsessed with running away, faints often, and has a sword that turns bushes into fruit.
- Her name's Regina.
- As well as Robin's ancestress Lady Robyn.
- Who Robin was named after.
- I'll wait a year or two before I write it though.
- CreateSpace has issues with the file I fed it this morning.
- Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....................
- Oh, well. As long as it takes the final story, I guess.
- V. wants me to write my chapter of Behind the Rainbow.
- I guess I'd better go work on it, then.
- God be w' ye!


  1. I want to read the prequel! It sounds grand! And Lady Robyn sounds like fun.

    John had a lovely meal the other day, he is very pleased now. And it snowed so he is ecstatic. Hopefully we can build our snowman today. After we finish Howl's Moving Castle...


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