Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Sorry to Disappoint, but ...

Do You Take This Quest? will not be out today.

I'm awfully sorry. I was looking forward to this as much as ya'll were.

But I got stuck on chapter 13. The reason: Chapter 13 didn't exist. Half the content that is in it was in what was previously chapter 16, the other half was stuff  I realized the book needed after I finished writing the book. I'm still not done with it.

I'm almost done, I hope, but, anyways.

Also, I still don't have my cover, and it hasn't finished going through my editors (namely, my Gma, Uncle S. and Auntie V.) I've been sending them it chapter by chapter for them to edit. Gma and Auntie V are on 8. I forget where Uncle S is, but he's behind them.

I do hope, however, to have the book out before Christmas. Trust me, this is cutting into editing time for The Ankulen (which I plan to publish sometime this spring. Probably late spring.) and I was planning on writing some short stories for my next collection. I have the titles for the four I plan to publish sometime this summer, I just need to write them. (The titles being The Woodchopper Quince; Saffron and the Ogre; Unforgiven; and CinderEddy) They have plots, too. Ogre isn't well plotted yet, but I've actually written Unforgiven all the way through in play format (and it's on my WIP list). Which will be the title book? I haven't decided yet. Possibly Woodchopper.

Not only that, but I didn't finish book 3 for NaNo. Sigh. I got 17,000 some odd words, most of which I really like, but I don't think it flows properly. The beginning was too fast, that's for certain. So ... I'm not sure when I'll have that out. I was hoping for an August publication like I had for Sew. Maybe I'll do it in October. (Not November or December, though. They are henceforth not off limits for publication)

But ....

I do have some good news!

Sew, It's a Quest will be free for the next five days!

This was the actual reason I wanted Take out today, since these are the last five days available to this quarter's round of free days. I should have waited a week or two to resubscribe back in September, but I wasn't thinking.

Oh, well. Enjoy reading Sew, and make sure you leave a review somewhere. I love reviews. They make my brain hurt less. Even if they aren't favorable, they still mean that someone took the time to read my book - and to write a review, right?

And ... hmmm ... I feel like a contest ... I know! How about a guessing game for the title of book 3.

1. It contains the word Quest. (Not all of the Bookania quest will, but this one does)
2. It is based on a Shakespeare quote.
3. It is from one of Shakespeare's Histories.
4. The actual Shakespeare quote does not include the word Quest. (Similar to the way that wedding vows don't actually contain the word Quest, either). Except for the "Quest" I have the quote word for word.

Have fun guessing!!! I'll come up with a prize later when my brain is working. Contest will be closed when Take is out and I reveal the official book 3 title. Oh, and those of you who are my friends on NaNo, please refrain from shouting out the answer, though you are allowed to snicker in the background going "It's a genius title!"


  1. I don't read much of Shakespeare, something I plan on redeeming soon, I hope. But I will try and guess, after I can think.
    Sorry about your book troubles. That is hard, I know. I hope it all works out soon. With no stress involved.

  2. Awww, hope all is going better now!

    Thanks for the freebie!! I have Sew now and can't wait to begin it!!!


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