Saturday, December 8, 2012

Computer Troubles (AGAIN!!!)

Hi, I'm just popping by to tell you that Algae is having issues again.

(Algae's my computer, if thou wilt remember)

However, instead of her harddrive crashing or something simple like that ... she's and the charger cord have decided that they don't want to talk. They've been giving each other the cold shoulder for several days now, but I could at least make them cooperate when she was closed.

Now they won't talk at all.

So I'm on my Mom's computer (luckily I have everything really important accessible over here.) So ... more delays and such, since I know that Mom won't let me spend all of my time on her computer. I might be able to put Take on a USB and work on it on my brother's computer, but there are no promises there. I'm not sure his computer will read the file.

Not that he would appreciate me spending all my time on his computer either.

So, that's all. Pardon me while I return to Take and trying to figure out how to type on my Mom's keyboard ...


  1. Computers are heartless. There is no other way around it. They are cruel and have no sympathy for deadlines and work and publishing. *Glares at them* *Passes cookies.*
    I hope you can get everything you need to done, I know how annoying it is to have work to do and no way to accomplish it.

  2. Well, if it wouldn't damage her further, I would recommend a good shake and a severe talking to. :)


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