Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Light of Yeshua

I think I've mentioned before that my cousin, Tenya Sharp Ingalls, is an author too.
The one that designed Sew, It's a Quest's lovely cover art, that is.

Well, she removed her novel from Amazon a few months ago for revision reasons, but this morning she just published a new book: Light of Yeshua.

Yes, you may assume from her last name that her husband is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her husband is also a Messianic Jew. (from what I understand)

(On another note, I've been told that my own (real) last name is of Jewish origin.)

The Light of Yeshua is a devotion guide for Hanukkah/Chaunukiah - for Christians!

I've been reading it, it's really good! So pick up your copy now!

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  1. I appreciate the plug for this little booklet. I hope that people will enjoy it. Actually, my husband is not Jewish (Messianic or otherwise) LOL - In fact, if anyone is.. it's possible that I/we are -- who knows? At any rate, we serve with Louisiana Messianic Communities reaching out to the Jewish community in our area with the Good News of Salvation through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah!


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