Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guess the Title Contest!

I think I mentioned on Sunday that I wanted to have a contest/giveaway thing.

If I did, great! If I didn't, well, here's the deal:

(Oh, and even if I did already post about this, it won't hurt to reiterate it)

Okay, as you probably already know, I'm about to publish Do You Take This Quest? which is book 2 of the Bookania Quests. You might also know that I've been withholding the title of book 3.

There's a good reason for this. You see, I want to hold a contest and see if you guys can guess it!!!

Okay, Clues:

1. It has the word Quest.
2. It is based on a quote from one of Shakespeare's Histories.
3. A well-known quote, though. I actually haven't read or watched that particular play yet. I need to.

Basic Summery: (Please note, there won't be any plot spoilers for Take in this)

Arthur now has his allies. Now to get back his kingdom. Oh, and discover all the secrets that his new allies (and old ones) have.

Working cover art that I drew last summer shortly after coming up with the plot:

I'm actually quite proud of this picture. The column and grass parts at least. the sword leaves much to be desired.

And Prize:

I'm not quite sure yet. I'm thinking a plate of bacon and eggs:

Minus the plate. Plates don't ship well. Besides, I don't think my mom would let me give away one of her plates.

I could do green eggs and bacon though ...

I'll allow as many guesses as you can think of. The person who gets closest to the actual title wins. Contest will be closed when I finally publish Do You Take This Quest? and I do the official title reveal.

Oh, and those of you who are my friends on NaNo or have seen my list of titles, please refrain from shouting out the answer. You may whistle in the background, though!


  1. Pray tell, is the title, "My Kingdom for a Quest?"
    This would correspond with the quote from Richard III.

  2. Hmm, my guess is: This Was a Quest! from Julius Caesar.

  3. No ... you may NOT give away one of my nice plates. Maybe one of the not nice ones ...??? ... Just stick with the Green Eggs and Ham. LOL


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