Friday, December 14, 2012

More Randomousity

- Miss Jack released her book today:

- I found these really cute fingerless gloves at old navy a few weeks ago.
- They're purple and fuchsia, two of my three favorite colors.
- I found my camera last night.
- Now to get the batteries charged
- Oh, and find a SD reader that will read the SD card.
- My laptop's built-in one was the only one that would.
- Sigh.
- It was on my desk under a bunch of papers.
- I've come to the realization that the reason Reuben (as well as Tyler and Noraeto) are flat is that they aren't essential to the plot.
- I'd written the book three times without them, and won the war just fine.
- I need to figure out how to make them essential, since Rizkan law will not allow a queen to reign without a King.
- Or a King to reign without a Queen.
- They like a balanced leadership.
- I'm almost in tears over this, book 2 of the Rizkaland legends is practically my baby!
- The girl's stories are wonderful - heart-wrenching, even.
- The guys, however. Meh.
- Sigh, but at least Andrew (the hero of book 1) bleeds when I cut him.
- Or, at least, I think he does.
- I've never actually cut him.
- I ought to get back to Do You Take This QUest?

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my book!

    I hope you can figure all your characters out. Isn't it so unkind when they will not help you out?

    Eh, anyone related to Robin is bound to be fun. *Smirk*

    I shall certainly remember to feed John. He snuck pizza last night because he said it tasted better then the dinner I had. He also had a cookie so today I shall have to make sure he eats something good for him.


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