Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few random Things

- My lap top is completely dead.
- RIP Algebra Black Clickety Clack.
- I've only two chapters left to enter into Do You Take This Quest?
- Then I'll be only waiting for my editors to get through it.
- Robert and I had a nice long talk yesterday about what it would take to get him to go on another quest.
- We ended up having to knock out every ally he has.
- I don't think I could do that.
- Least ways, not and have the book have a happy ending.
- My brother used to have a dusty keyboard.
- He doesn't anymore.
- For sake of easiness,  my brother will henceforth be known as Sam the Scholar on my blog.
- There's a story behind that, but I don't think I want to expound it.
- My brain hurts.
- V. Kathie will stay V. Kathie, but I'll call my littlest sister Sunshine.
- My sister and I are writing a book together.
- It's quite interesting, really, thanks to our very different writing styles.
- We're writing alternating chapters.
- I hope our readers don't get dizzy.
- V, I don't write present tense.
- Okay, well I do (thinks of the Interruptions) but they are not for long sustained periods of time.
- The interruptions in Take might not make sense until book 3.
- Don't forget there's a guessing game for book 3's title!
- "Don't worry Father, I left my pet dragon in my own Reality."
- That's a line from one of my books that's been rolling around in my head.
- It amuses me.
- The girl who said it amuses me too.
- Anyone know how to keep one's characters from jumping on one's bed?
- I like big pillows!
- I ain't never been known to use bad English!
- But that's usually only when I'm talking.
- It's funny. I can go from a sophisticated English accent, to a low down Su'then one in moments.
- I have a pair of triplets in one of my books who the two ways to identify them is the color they wear and the accent they use.
- The eldest of that set used to be my favorite character.
- I think she's still number four.
- I need to figure out what to do about her King. He's flat.
- I was talking to the Cloud Sprites last night, and I learned that Bookania hasn't had a proper sunset in at least three hundred years.
- I think I'll put the explanation to that in book 3.
- I stole the explanation from Greek mythology.
- But I really doubt that any of you will be able to guess which one until I reveal it.
- Sunrises are beautiful, though.
- Three of the cloud sprites are mentioned in Take.
- Two appeared in Sew.
- I din't mention the name of the first one you saw in Sew. 
- But I do mention her name in Take. 

- I have no idea what that picture's there for.
- It's just there.
- I did some knitting last night.
- I play a knitting auntie in the play that my sister wrote.
- I'm also the narrator.
- My brain hurts.
- I ought to get back to writing Take.
- Good-bye!
- Did you know that Good-bye came from "God be w' ye?"
- I'm considering going back to saying the full thing.
- God be w' ye!

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  1. Lots going on for you in the writing world! (My characters can't jump on my bed but they would if they could.)
    The triplets sound fun. I want to meet them.


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