Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Indie Author Sale

I'm participating in a big indie book sale! 39 books, including mine, are all on sale for 99¢ 
from June 5-12!

Folks, there are some serious steals in this sale. I've read a good chunk of these, and 
I can assure you, any of these you buy, you're in for a treat. I just cashed in on a five dollar gift card through
swagbucks, and I'm hoping that I get the money before the end of the sale!

Here are the books in the sale:

By Luke Alistar

By Kendra E. Ardnek

By Katie Lynn Daniels

By Molly Evangeline

By Ophelia - Marie Flowers

By Elisabeth Grace Foley

By Jennifer Freitag

By Jessica Greyson

By Aubrey Hansen

By Sarah Holman

By Abigail J. Hartman

By Holy Worlds

By Rebekah Jones

By Elizabeth Kaiser

By Jacob Lauser

By J. Grace Pennington

By Jordan Smith

Oh, and by the way, for some odd reason, Amazon has been running a sale on CreateSpace books, so
a good deal of the paperback books (mine and Molly's for certain) have reduced prices too!

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