Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CE Restaurant - Robin and Robert

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Memorizing Hebrews 11 was hard. Reciting the first ten of those verses in front of my entire congregation ... well, it had been a bit nerve-wracking to say the least. At least I hadn't done too terribly. Uncle S. said that I only missed five words and one phrase ...

But as prize I get a gift card to Mardel's, which I plan to use to buy a new Bible (because my old one is falling apart.)

It's all over now, and I'm at my favorite Chinese restaurant. It's the one place that doesn't charge supper prices on the weekends, so when we eat out, we eat out here. And it's buffet, which means we get to eat as much we like.

I make my way back to my table, my plate heaped with all of my favorite foods, sesame chicken, broccoli  and carrots, egg-rolls, mushrooms ... you name it, if it's not spicy or involving shrimp, I have it on my plate. In my other hand I have a bowl of egg drop soup, which is my favorite soup in the world (although chicken noddle makes a close second)
Via Pinterest

"How in Bookania does Push use these sticks to eat?"

I stop short and turn to the speaker. As far as I know, I'm the only person who uses "bookania" in everyday speech. Sitting at the table next to me are a guy and girl about my age. They're obviously related, since they have the same brown hair and eyes and ollive complexions. They're both dressed in medieval get-up. He has a bow and quiver on his back, and she has a sword on her belt.

She's obviously the one who had spoken, and she has a chopstick in each hand, with which she's trying to pick up an egg roll. He's watching her with evident amusement.

"Do you need help, Robin?" I ask, raising an eyebrow, realizing the identity of the pair.

She starts, then turns to me, her eyes narrowing. "And I suppose you're an expert at eating with sticks?"

"I like to think that I am," I reply, nonchalantly. "It's against my beliefs to eat Chinese food with American utensils. So, would you like me to teach you how to use them?"

Robin throws down the chopsticks and grabs her fork instead. "No, thank-you. I'll just eat like a normal person instead, Kendra."

"I wouldn't mind lessons," said Robert, raising his eyebrow at his sister, while I giggle. I would hide the giggle behind my hand, but both of my hands are occupied by holding my food.

"Mind if I sit down, then?" I ask.

"Not at all, you're our author, after all." Robert gives his sister a look that clearly communicates the fact that he doesn't approve of the fact that she's sticking out her tongue at me.

"You know that's not lady-like," I mention, as I set down my plate and bowl and sit down in the empty chair.

Robin rolls her eyes. I pick up an un-opened package of chopsticks and pulling them out. "The secret to using chop-sticks is the fact that you only use one hand, not both of them. The bottom one doesn't move, just the top one."

Robert quickly picks up on it, but Robin, when she does decide that it wouldn't be the end of the world to imitate her author, only succeeds in getting a splinter in her hand.

 Don't forget to send Robin and Robert an interview! So far, they've only received one, and I was hoping to have a really big shin-ding!

And tomorrow, I have a really big announcement. I won't tell you what it is, but it's going to be big!

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