Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Robin's Hasty Haphazard Knot

Here is a quick tutorial for Robin's "Famous" hairdo.

The piece of paper in the background, BTW, is The Ankulen's table of contents.


  1. My Robin stared at this the whole time with her mouth slightly ajar, and at the end said, "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"
    She apparently has been on the internet which I find extremely disturbing.
    Anyways, cute 'do!

    1. My Robin says that it's much faster than the fancy stuff that Meg likes to do to her.
      I wear my hair like that a good deal of the time, and I actually slowed it down somewhat for demonstration purposes. That and the fact that my hair wasn't wanting to cooperate because I had just given it a very thorough brushing.

  2. After finally reading the book I can come back and watch this video and know what it's all about! I doubt this would work with my hair... but I'm still going to attempt it!
    ....Nope. It's not long enough yet. And too slippery.
    You have beautiful hair, though. My dream is to have it as long as long as yours.


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