Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bookania Mad Lib

Ever have one of those mad lib books as a kid where you fill out a bunch of words and then read a story with those words in it ... and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?

Well, I've decided to turn a scene in Do You Take This Quest? into a Mad Lib. Just fill out the form below, and I'll be back later with a post with your version of the scene in it. Everyone who enters will get a point towards the giveaway, and once I post all of the rewritten versions, I'll let ya'll vote on it, and the winner will get an extra three points!

Measure of Time:
Body Part:
Large Building:
Body Part:
Action Verb:
Military Rank:
Magic Word:

Have fun! I'll be back with the story later!


  1. Ooh! We did Mad Libs all the time growing up and loved them. In fact, we still do them occasionally. I assume we post our answers in the comment box, so here goes....

    Measure of Time: millisecond
    Body Part: ankle
    Landmark: schoolmarm tree*
    Shape: octagon
    Plant: delphinium
    Large Building: hospital
    Weapon: claymore
    Body Part: rib
    Action Verb: slice
    Military Rank: Major
    Magic Word: Rumtiddlium-tum!

    * a tree with two tops, joined at the base

  2. Measure of Time: a year
    Body Part: elbow
    Landmark: Grand Canyon
    Shape: Parallelapiped
    Plant: Poison Ivy
    Large Building: Memorial Bank
    Weapon: sling shot
    Body Part: big toe
    Action Verb: flung
    Military Rank: colonel
    Magic Word: Popcorn

  3. I love Mad Libs!! :)

    Measure of Time: 3 1/2 thousand seconds
    Body Part: Minimus (that's your pinky toe)
    Landmark: Aslan's Howe (did we state it had to be real?)
    Shape: Isosceles triangle (that's so much fun to say)
    Plant: Kosteletzkya (my fav flower ;)
    Large Building: Millenium Dome in London
    Weapon: Mercygiver (sword)
    Body Part: Subcranium
    Action Verb: Pronk (means to strut or show off)
    Military Rank: Brigadier General
    Magic Word: Please ;)

  4. This looks like fun!!!

    Measure of Time: four seconds
    Body Part: ring finger
    Landmark: The Leaning Birch Tree
    Shape: a trapezoid
    Plant: a myrrh tree
    Large Building: a stone armory
    Weapon: a javelin
    Body Part: knee
    Action Verb: slashed
    Military Rank: Major General
    Magic Word: Kezango


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