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R - Rubik's Cube

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R - Rubik's Cube

A Rubik's cube is only mentioned once in The Ankulen, in chapter six and only in the second draft.

You see, they were discussing the layout of Jen's imaginary world, and the fact that locations ... don't stay put. Just like on a Rubik's cube.

 “Oh come on!” I exclaimed in frustration. “Don’t tell me this place goes on forever! Just how big did I make this place?”
Tisha looked down and sighed. “It’s not that you made the land terribly big or anything,” she admitted. “But it doesn’t work the same way the real world does. You liked things to be different and spontaneous, so while within a particular location things are fixed, the locations themselves move around.”
I blinked. “So … this is a big Rubik's cube that’s constantly moving?”
You can put it like that,” Tisha confirmed.
That’s just great!” I stood up. “How am I ever going to reach my destination if my destination keeps moving!” Unable to make real progress, I started pacing.

Usually,” said Chris, hesitantly because of my foul mood, “if one has a destination in mind, then the next location they reach will contain that destination. Like when we went to go see the Old Woman.” - The Ankulen. 

And therefore, drawing a map of her world would be impossible.

But I will tell you the names of some of the locations Jen built:

The Ocean: Home of the Mermaids and the largest location to accommodate the many features, such as the Sea Castle and Choral Mountain.

Green Valley: Home of the leprechauns. Edged by emerald mountains, and full of lush, green grass. The site of Jen's climatic battle with the Polystoikhedron.

The Orchard: Full of fruit and nut trees, inhabited by Wood Children.

Rushing River: The narrowest locations, and where they have most of the parties. Inhabited by frogs and Water Babies.

Babble Brook: A very winding brook. Inhabited by frogs.

The Mountain: The tallest mountain in her imagination. Inhabited by Dwarves and Goatherds.

Flower Field: Field of flowers. Inhabited by Flower Fairies.

Valley of Song: First location that the Polystoikhedron destroyed. Inhabited by the Singers, which are very similar to the muses of Greek mythology.

Glitter Forest: A forest of trees with glitter coated leaves. Nothing lives there, though, but I can't tell you why.


On another note, I was interviewed by Miss Jack yesterday! Go check it out!

And I just realized that The Derao is free for the next few days, so if you don't have a copy of this delightful little tale, go pick it up now!


  1. The Ankulen sounds intriguing! I love the descriptions of the different places in Jen's world.

    Question: The Choral Mountain in The Ocean--does it have something to do with singing? Or do you mean Coral Mountain? Either way, it sounds fascinating. I toyed with featuring Merfolk in my fantasy series, but wasn't sure how to do it.

    God bless, and happy writing!
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  2. No, I meant Coral. Sigh, silly fingers, you're supposed to spell-check me!

    I have four different worlds that have merfolk in them, and in every one they work differently. Some barely look human!


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