Wednesday, December 30, 2015


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It's incredibly hard for me to find proper inspiration pins for Summer, since her physical appearance is largely based upon a girl I know well,

I've said that Petra was a combination of Peter and Lucy's best traits. Summer, on the other hand, was a combination of Susan and Edmund's worst. This was how my friend liked it, as she loves playing villains/resistance characters. (She's the sweetest thing in real life, though!)

The Summer I have now, Reuben's younger sister instead of Petra's, hasn't changed terribly much. She's an ESTP, which is interesting, because I'm not an S, and I don't understand them terribly well (HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE ALL THE POSSIBILITIES IN THE UNIVERSE?????)

A lot of her character development was done my by friend, which I let her do, since this was the character she was going to play when it was to be a movie. I think the biggest change I've made since my friend left the project was changing her powers from just birds to Beasts in general, and that wasn't a change I made until very late in WPFP's publication process.

(Long story short, I decided to sort the Rizkan character's powers, which had previously been very hodge-podge. I may, after you read the book, share the original configuration with you guys.)

Summer is a bit of a typical teenager, a bit annoyed with the world, and a little obsessed with beauty. I believe I revealed in a Goodread's snippet that Reuben is part Native American, and, of course, as she's his younger sister, she is too. However, she's the one who actually looks it. Reuben and Robert take more after their mom's side of the family. In fact, many people give them a second glance when they find out they're related.

Until they smile, that is. All three of them have the same grin, revealing dimples a mile deep. (Key thing I look for when pinning her - dimples)

Summer does dye her hair, I've figured out, so if you see her in blonde on my pinterest board, that's what happened. In truth, she's a dark brunette.

I need to get to work. 'Twas fun talking. Hopefully I'll be able to get the first Character Q&A post up this afternoon, and the second one up tomorrow. The few answers I've eked out of Clara and Andrew have been interesting thus far.


  1. As a girl who's only one letter off from Summer . . . what do you mean about S and "How can you not see all the possibilities"?
    Looking forward to the Q&As!

    1. S is referring to personality type, sensing instead of perceiving.

    2. Sensing instead of iNtuitive, like I am. I'm not used to concrete thinking.

    3. Oops, I got muddled. I'm supposedly an INTJ. Scratch that I took the test again and I'm an INFP. And I get results as random when I try it on my own characters.

    4. @Anna: I'm aware of that. I'm familiar with the different functions; just not so familiar with what each means.
      @Kendra: So I just looked up the difference between sensing and intuition and now I get what you mean.

  2. Ooh! Summer seems actually a little bit like me (and I'm a VERY small part of Native American like, 1/16), so it'll be cool to read about her. :)


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