Tuesday, December 29, 2015


There weren't enough entrants for me to hold an official fanfiction contest. While there were three fanfics, there were only two fanfic writers, and that's not a fair contest. However, the stories are being posted over on the AA blog. If you have access, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Now, onto the Character post.

I added Granite about the same time as Noraeto. He has, perhaps, gone through the most drastic change of the main cast, plotting-wise.

Originally, Granite was to have shared his wife's fall. While she used her terrible magic to torment the people of Rizkaland, Granite did the dirty work that didn't require magic - in fact, the first bit of writing I did with him involved him and Amber discussing where to kill some prisoners. She told him to take them outside, because she'd just had the floors cleaned.

However, as I was plotting around and exploring backstory, I realized it would make more sense, and be far more interesting, if he hadn't shared her fall, if his heart was still true to Alphego.

Granite is either and INFJ or an INFP, I'm not entirely certain which. He's a quiet fellow, a bit on the shy side, who easily melts into his wife's shadow. However, he is the most important person in her life, and to loose him would be her undoing,

He shares her immortality, and has been frozen at the age of eighteen for six thousand years. He's fascinated and well-trained with all manner of weaponry, though he prefers close range weapons of skill best.

I wish his story could be happier than it is. It was happy, once for many years even, but now he fears that he'll never see light again. And yet he keeps a small sense of humor, he still takes joy in the little things when he can.

He does love Amber, a lot, and to be honest, he wouldn't like to live without her, either. He would just prefer that her heart was still his, and not given to the dragon magic that has consumed her.


  1. Ever since you first mentioned Granite, I've liked him. It takes a lot of strength to hold on to your beliefs when everyone closest to you is in opposition. I'm looking forwards to seeing how you handle his position and his relationship with Amber.

  2. Poor Granite . . . he arguably has it the hardest of any of the characters in the series.
    He only appears to be 18? Huh. I was under the impression that his apparent age was a bit older.

    1. I knew that was his apparent age, but always imagine him slightly older.

  3. Ah, my friend Granite. You are a steadfast one.
    *feels the need to pray for his strength of faith but then realizes he's fictional*


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