Saturday, December 26, 2015

Celebrating Rizkaland: TAG!

Welcome to day two of the party! Today will also be a bit light, as I was not able to do as much pre-work yesterday as I'd hoped, and today I have a long day of work followed by round 3 of Christmas.

Today, I'm posting a tag that you can take and fill out on your own blogs and then come back here and post a link in the comments. If you do that, it will earn you 3 points for the giveaway!

1. Have you read Water Princess, Fire Prince yet?
2. If so, what is your favorite part? If not, what are you looking forward to the most?
3. It's Christmas time! What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?
4. What are your favorite fantasy worlds?
5. Who are your favorite fictional couples?
6. Do you have any projects (writing or otherwise) that you've been working on for ten years?
7. Fantasy weapon of choice?
8. Name your element!
9. What are you hoping to see in future volumes of the Rizkaland Legends?
10. What is your favorite Christian allegory?

Don't forget to participate in the Character Encounters, too. (And if you do participate, don't forget to add your link to the linkup!) I can't credit your points until you link up. Similarly, don't forget to email me with links to any and every review you've posted of Water Princess, Fire Prince!

If you're planning to send me fanart or fanfiction, I need them by tomorrow night! Can't wait to see what you come up with! And Monday night is the deadline for sending me pictures of you dressed as a character. So far, I only have one!

And yesterday's free promotion of Water Princess, Fire Prince was a smashing success with over a hundred downloads! I decided to extend it another day, so you guys have extra time to share it with all of your friends and convince them to try it!


  1. . . . Darn it. No time for fanfiction. Maybe time for a fanart, in the form of a collage . . . Probably no time to figure out a character dress-up either. Probably.
    But I do have a Character Encounter prepared. And I'm definitely going to do the tag. :D

  2. Did the tag!

  3. Did it!

  4. Did it!

  5. Just did it!!

  6. Here's mine:

  7. I'm not participating int he giveaway, but I did do the tag.

  8. Where can I email you the link to my goodreads review? Or is it OK if I just put it here?


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