Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Character Encounters - December 2015

It seems as though I forgot to post a CE last month. Sorry, with NaNo and all, it completely slipped my mind - and I BARELY remembered this month, as evidenced by the fact that this post is a whole week late.

This character encounter will be a bit different, as I'm including it as part of the Rizkaland festivities.

But, before I get to that, and to heighten the suspense, a few words about the party.

I have updated the main party page. Also, a random decision that I made today: Any pin you pin on the Rizkaland Group board during this month will earn you two points for the giveaway. I've already found a notebook and started keeping track of tally points.

Now, on to the CE.

Where are we going? Well, feel free to guess for a few moments. I'm QUITE certain that you'll enjoy this lovely locale.

Think you've figured it out? Let's see if you're right.



How's that for exciting? And, yes, participation in this linkup will earn you points towards the giveaway. Five points, to be exact.

Just encounter any of your characters in my lovely world, and we'll be all set to go. And, so as to not limit any of my readers who aren't exactly writers in their own right, you can encounter any Rizkan character instead. (or, a Rizkan character AND one of your own. How's that for fun?)

Just one word of caution - Laura cannot count as your sole character if you choose to just do a Rizkan character. She's your ride over. Find an actual Rizkan character (even if they're originally from earth) to encounter.


  1. Trust me. I don't mind there being no CE last month. But yay, there's one this month! I'll definitely try to do it- haven't decided with whom yet, but I'll figure it out.

  2. Oooh, intriguing. But... but... I haven't yet met any of the characters from Rizkaland... I may have to put the rest of the Bookania trilogy on hold and read my beautiful new copy of Water Princess, Fire Prince that arrived on my doorstep THIS MORNING! YAY! Happy dances ensue.

  3. Now to figure out which character/s to meet. Not Adel, Joane or Mim could be fun. Or maybe Wil, or even Nylf. Or of course I could do Leisl.


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