Monday, December 16, 2013

Nutcracker Day 16

I have no idea where I got today's nutcracker, and neither does anyone I've talked to. Mother thought I got him with the German and clown nutcrackers, but I know for a fact that he came later. Not only did I only have money for only two nutcrackers, I didn't have him during the Great War. (And thus he doesn't have a weapon. Sorry.)

However part of me wants to say that I got Patrick here from my Gpa. Just a random guess.

And yes, he has a name. What else would I name an Irish nutcracker covered with shamrocks? He be a lucky fellow, ye know?


  1. Oh he's a lucky fellow... he's a lucky guy. He's got a new umbrella, and it's his pride and joy. Oh the rain may come and the sun may go but he'll be dry from his head to toes - oh he's a lucky fellow, he's a lucky guy!
    Only he looks like he has a piece of bread in his hand, not an umbrella.

    1. Actually, it's some sort of guitar or ukulele or some other sort of stringed instrument. He's quite good with it, likes to play me lullabies.

  2. Och, sure, an' today's Nutcracker be a very lucky fellow, indeed. Or p'r'aps he be a Leprechaun, an' one day, he'll be tellin' ye where he's hidden his pot o' gold, aye? ;-)

    What fun!

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~


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