Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nutcracker Advent Day 28

Today's nutcracker is a mug. I have several mugs that I'm the only one that's allowed to use them. Most of them are giraffe-themed, one has a K on it, and one is a nutcracker.

I don't remember who got me this mug. I don't use it as often as my giraffe or K mugs, but not because I don't love it. The others are larger and therefore last longer, that's all.

On another note ... we swung by my public library to drop off books yesterday on the way to our grandparents for Christmas round two (still have two or three rounds to go, but we're getting there!) and THEY FINALLY HAVE MY BOOKS!!!!!! At the moment it's only Sew and Ankulen, but I suspect that at least Take is purchased but isn't yet through the system. Yeah, I know that in my first CE with Robin last October I implied that they already had it, but they didn't yet. I was indulging in fantasy. But now they actually have it! They're both in the YA department, and while I would have preferred the Bookanias in JF, I don't mind.

So, for all of my local readers - you can now get my books at the library!

I almost didn't recognize Sew, though, since it's the new cover, and believe it or not, I've only seen the new cover in physical form only once before and that was only for a few minutes a few weeks ago when I signed some personal copies for one of the librarians. (And no, these aren't the same books on the shelf, since they aren't signed.)

Yes, this is very exciting for me. Also, I've ordered a huge box of my books for personal reasons (and this includes your book, Tom!), so I'm really excited there, too. Ah, the freedom that having a real job affords one.

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  1. Hurrah for your own creations arriving at the local library! *Confetti* What a strange--yet thrilling--feeling that must be....

    And it occurs to me that you'll be needing my mailing address in order to get my Ankulen to me, wot? Yay! Looking forward to Jen's adventures! *Heads over to G-mail*

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~


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