Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nutcracker Advent Day 11

I bought today's nutcracker myself along with the clown of yesterday.

This was before I fell in love with Germany (cough, cough) but somehow, the nutcracker I picked up just happened to be the German one. I was very pleased when I looked at my shelf one day and realized that he was German. Very, very pleased.

Of course, since I had him at the same time as the jester with the crazy stick, he's got a weapon too, right?

Promise not to laugh? (Actually, it's okay to laugh if you want to. I'm just saying that to make you laugh)

Well, you see, that jug he's carried sprays poison ... out of the pretzel.

I think his was perhaps the most creative ... or the weirdest. Take your pick.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely creative! I can think of lots of instances when my siblings and I imagined stuff like that, too, although I don't think we ever incorporated pretzels.

    Love the new header, Kendra! It's very festive!! :)


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