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W - Wood Children

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W - Wood Children

After having Jen find her Ankulen, actually going into her imagination, and eating frog leg soup ... I had exhausted my entire plan for the beginning of the book. The next thing I had planned was her regaining her imagination - and I didn't want that to happen until at least half-way through the book. Since I was aiming for 50,000 words all total, and I hadn't reached 10,000 yet ... I knew I had to come up with something else for Jen to do for a while.

Well, obviously she would have had other people for her to meet other than the Old Woman so I figured that this would be a good time for one of those other people to show up.

They were in a forest of sorts, full of dead and dying trees, and at that moment, a little boy showed up claiming to be lost. So Jen ever so kindly offered to help him find his home. He said his name was Willy, and I quite contentedly followed along as Tisha and Jen tried to determine his identity. Apparently, Tisha had forgotten some people.

At last we found his "house" which proved to be a tree and in thanks, Willy gave Jen a stick. Which she put in her hair.

As they resumed their search for Jen's memories, Chris finally took pity on us girls and told us who Willy was. Apparently, he was a Wood Child, which is kinda like a dryad ... only they're kids, not pretty girls. The stick Willy gave Jen? Well, used by her or one of the Wood Children, it had the ability to grow into a a full-sized tree in seconds.

Jen and I had no idea WHY a tree might be useful, but hey - if we did need one, we'd at least have one.

Willy was the only character in the book to have his name changed from draft one to two. I liked Willy ... but I decided that I could find something a little more tree-ish ... like ... Walnut! And the spooky forest they found him in? That could be an orchard. No, not just an orchard, THE Orchard.

I loved those Wood Children the first time ... but the second time round, they were absolutely adorable. Walnut will remain ever my favorite, but some of the others are almost as sweet.

Now, I need to get back to editing. I have to have it done by tomorrow afternoon so I can upload the file to CreateSpace. I WILL get this book out on time.


  1. I will answer your comment and tell you a secret about Jack's heel shoes. She's not very tall, even by me, so when she wears heel shoes she doesn't get very tall at all. She is very short, which means she is closer down to me.

    I like the Wood Children from you book - I read over Jack's shoulder when she did that ready thingy for it.
    If I were in your book I think I would become a Wood Child so I could be with them all the time.

  2. They sound lovely. =) You can do it! Get that book out!

  3. Well, thank you, Kendra, for making me even more impatient to read The Ankulen. ;)By the way, did you get my email about the Memorable Worlds? Just wanted to make certain it got to you okay.

    Oh, and please stop by Lianne Taimenlore. I've awarded you!

    1. Yes, I got your email, and I think I can make it work for the hall. Thanks!


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