Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christmas with the Tittletons Tag

One of my fellow bloggers released her first book the day before The Ankulen, and in celebration, she has done up a tag and has invited all of us to participate.

The Book is called Christmas at the Tittletons, and like The Ankulen, it also began as a play - but I believe that it was actually performed! You can get the paperback version here, but I don't know if she plans to release it for kindle or not. I hope that she does.

What started out as an enjoyable Christmastime house party at Sir John Tittleton's luxurious London home has turned into a veritable nightmare. A stranger has been found in the back alley, stabbed to death, and everyone in the house is a suspect. As Jessamine Warbling, a fashionable young lady, decides to give Scotland Yard a helping hand, she discovers that almost all of her friends had a motive to kill this man. But which one is the murderer, and is he, or she, desperate enough to strike again?
As Jessamine Warbling, Inspector Fionn, and the Tittletons dig into the case, they take a gruesome look at human nature and learn just how far a person will go to save his own skin.

1.  What is your favorite Historical Mystery book?

Detecives in Togas ... don't remember who wrote it, but it was really good. Our library didn't have it, so I had to ILL it back when I was studying Rome. My favorite part about it explained a bit of graphiti on a temple wall - that actually exists! It's a real mystery that the author decided to put a plausible answer down for.

2.  Would you rather read a Classic or a Mystery?

I used to prefer mysteries ... but since I grew out of the Boxcar Children, I haven't found a series I love as much, but I've discovered how good the classics are, so now I prefer them. 

3.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Mystery?

I really don't have a favorite mystery, but as long as it doesn't involve characters meddling and putting their noses where they don't belong and kids being better detectives than the adults who are trained professionals ... (my big pet peeve when it comes to mystery) I'll probably quite enjoy it.

4.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Classic?

Hush Clara, indie authors can write good books too!

Sorry about that, I have a character who thinks that if a book isn't at least forty to fifty years old, it shouldn't have been written at all. No, she doesn't like me.

Anyways, I think CatT will be very good, but on a different level than the classics. The classics were the contemporaries of their day, so they have a very different flavor than our own historical fiction. I don't think they can really compare. But my opinion might change after I read the book!

5.  Do you think you would like to write a Historical Mystery sometime?

Actually, I have an idea that's been boiling around in the back of my mind for some time about four siblings (two girls, two boys) who are homeschooled and have an inventor father. Whenever they encounter a history mystery, they go back in time with their dad's time machine and solve it. Don't know if I'll ever write it or not, but I'm liking the idea ... 

See!  Only five questions, and you get five points for the giveaway.  Now for the rules!

1.  Please post ALL the rules.

2. Please answer ALL the questions.

3. Comment on this post when you have completed the tag and include a link to your tag post.

4. Tag five other people.

5. Let the people know that you tagged them.

6. Include a link back to this post.

And I tag ...

TomWildRose of The Rambling Rose (because she loves tags!)
Miss Melody Muffin of The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls
Sarah Holman of The Destiny of One
Katie of Whisperings of the Pen
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose of The World of a Rhoswen White Rose

Also, you can continue to earn points for my own book giveaway by commenting/world building/doing my tag/ect. until Monday when I will post then winner and September's Character Encounter. Thanks!


  1. Thanks, Kendra! I hope you write your mystery down for all of us to read!

  2. Yay!!!!! I was hoping someone would tag me with this one! I'll try to do it this evening.


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