Tuesday, September 3, 2013

X - X Marks the Spot

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X - X Marks the Spot

Okay, so there aren't any pirates in Jen's imagination, but there aren't very many words that begin with the letter x, and none of them apply to The Ankulen in any way, form, or fashion. (Well, if you want to get technical, Jen has something like x-ray vision when she's in her imagination ... but you can hardly expect me to write up a whole post on THAT)

So we get to do x marks the spot, which is a fancy term for "Where is it?"

There are two main elements to most fantasy novels - the journey and the battle. Sew and Take are missing the battle part, but Kingdom does have one.

Bookania aside. We're talking about The Ankulen here. I've mentioned the battle before, I believe. And there's also Jen's search for her missing memories ... have I mentioned that?

So, yeah. Jen has to go search for her memories ... but she doesn't have a map with a convenient x to show here exactly where it is. But she does have the Ankulen. which she can ask to show her where stuff is. Not a commonly used feature ... so it's not it's finest. But it's there and Jen can use it to find her imagination.

Just as long as she keeps her eyes open and doesn't run into trees.


  1. Hey, it's that castle in Germany whose name I can never spell that they filmed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in!
    X is a hard letter.

  2. Neuchenwasten (don't know if I spelled it right either ... but anyways) is actually distantly connected to the spot where Jen finds her memories ... distantly ... so I thought it a fitting picture for this post.

    Yes, x is a very hard letter. So is z for that matter ...


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