Friday, August 30, 2013

Ankulen Update

I have decided that I'm done with my world building posts. Sure, I know of more worlds that I could do (Droon, Rin, The Realm, Frell, Biddle ... Colluna, Silivock, Ooladada, The Land of Magic ...), but I'm down to the crunching time, and these posts are taking from my precious posting time. I'm sure all of ya'll understand!

Keep doing your own posts, though, and I'll keep putting your names in my hat. (I have a physical hat this time! No random name generators!)

The Ankulen is coming along quite nicely now. I have my proof copy, and I'm going through and doing a spit and polish at the moment ... since some of the wording can be quite ... awkward. If any of you out there remain who are editing for me, I ask that you get your edits to me soon so I can add them in.

Also, at the moment, I only have three Ankulens for the "Hall of Ankulens" that I will have for my blog party, mine, Jen's and Jack's. So anyone else out there who has done any world building at all, please send me a picture of a piece of jewelry on you (face isn't necessary unless it's a nose ring, and I highly doubt that any of you will pull that stunt on me), and a list of any or all of your worlds. A link to your blog(s) would be nice, as would a tagline for each of your books. (So that this isn't just a boring list of names and pictures.)

A tagline is something like this,

Bookania: "A Fairy Tale land in a book."
Rizkaland: "Where the rainbow flows like water."

If any of your worlds has its own link, you can send me that, too. If not ... I can always go hunting for tags on your blog ... (I'm a resourseful person like that.)

I haven't put together a quiz yet, but if any of ya'll know a good website where I can build a "what character are you" quiz for free, I would highly appreciate it. It's not necessary, of course, but it'd be nice.

Jen says that she's still open to interviews, though if she doesn't get any, I am crunching for time, so if she doesn't get any, I probably won't miss them. If you do want to interview her, please remember that she doesn't know that she's a character, and I will remove or tweak any and all questions that would enlighten her as to that fact.

Well, I need to get back to editing. I just spotted a dangling participle.


  1. I'm going to take a picture of my Ankulen today and get together as many of my worlds as I can. So you should see the email within a couple days.

  2. When you first posted the Memorable Worlds, Kendra, I knew it was a fun idea, so I put together about 6 of my own posts. However, I began them, and then I was gone for a week and forgot about them! Anywho, now I'm just trying to play catchup. Hopefully, I'll have more up for you soon. Today even.

    And I'll be sure to get an email together for you, so expect it in a couple of days! Does it matter if the picture has more than just *my* Ankulen? I have a recent pic of my Ankulen, but the picture has others' Ankulens in it. You can still see them all clearly, and it's not hard at all to pick mine out. Would that still count? I'd love to use that picture!

    1. Sure, it can have other Ankulens in it. You can even tell me whose Ankulens they are so I can make mention of them. ;)

      I'll be looking forward to your email, and to the rest of your posts. I've enjoyed them so far!

    2. Thanks, Kendra! :)

      I just got one of my own worlds up (Findenland from The Twelfth Kingdom), so I'll give you the link ( if you haven't seen it yet. I also have the post on Neverland done, and I'm planning on posting that sometime later today, possibly tonight, just so you know to look for it.

    3. By the way, it was one out of three posts could be our own world, right? I have a feeling you already told me, but I've forgotten, and I'd hate to break the rules. ;)

    4. I think it was either one out of three or one of yours for three non-yours. I've forgotten. Oh, well. As long as other worlds are the majority, you're fine.

    5. Okey dokey! Will do!

      Well, life happened, so my Neverland post was, uh, a few hours later than I expected. Anywho, it's up now! :)

  3. Dangling participle, I am badly giggling over that at the moment. (It is something from a funny movie) Just goes to show you how tired I am right now.

    Don't forget to breath, and try and sneak in some eating and sleeping, though I know how impossible that can be during editing. *Sends a cookie*

  4. Question: Is it OK if we do some worldbuilding posts after the Blog Party? 'Cos I probably won't get all the ones I wanted to do written beforehand. Short of a miracle involving a truckload of free time and Inspiration and Motivation, that is. So sad. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, though (:-P), I'll try to get at least one more worldbuilding post on my blog before the Party.

    And about the "Hall of Ankulens"--does it count if it hasn't been made yet? Or if one seems to have two or three Ankulens??

    I'd like to interview Jen, and I think there's a time slot open this week (again, Lord willing)! How do I go about it?

    Please excuse my many questions. :-P

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

    1. Sure you can keep doing memorable world posts ... but I'll pull the winner on the fifth, so any after that can't be entered for the drawing. :/

      I would prefer it if your Ankulen is complete, but they do occasionally come in multiple pieces, so I suppose yours might be one of them.

      To interview Jen, all you have to do is email me (address is on my FAQ page) with a list of 5-10 questions that don't reveal to her the fact that she's a character. I'll email you back with answers and then you post them to your blog. Simple as that.

  5. Oh good! And that's OK--I'm just having fun writing about the literary worlds that inspired me. :-)

    I do have one "Ankulen" that's complete, so perhaps what I could do is to send you a pic of that for the Party, then do a separate post on my blog about the one(s) I haven't made yet. *Shrug*

    Thanks! I'll get "write" on it (sorry, couldn't resist! "Yes you could!")!


  6. My second worldbuilding post:


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